Pistol sight recommendations?

I have used stock glock sights my entire life (tl:dr explanation below if you are interested). I am considering the XS big dot, but am open to other suggestions.

Getting stuck on stock glock sights might be funny to some, but two things led to that. When I was first issued a Glock 22, it had old night sights and I didn’t realize that they got weaker, but I also didn’t realize how bad my vision was before I got contacts and glasses. So I just thought night sights sucked and preferred the stock sights so much because they were easier for me to see on a Glock 27 I had. I actually got our armorer to put them back on my duty pistol and would not buy Glocks with night sights.

Big dots OR red dot IMO. Big dots were made to hunt dangerous game. ALL other sights are designed around target shooting. Whatever you choose get training.

I have Trijicon HD XR nite sights that I am happy with. It’s got an orange front post that makes getting a sight picture/alignment much easier. The stock Glock sights are garbage. Depends on what the gun is for I suppose. If it’s a home d gun or a carry gun, I would get upgraded nite sights of any kind. If it’s a competition or range toy, maybe get a Taran Tactical fiber optic.

Trijicon HD Night Sights.

I didn’t like the Big Dots. Covered too much of the target and the rear V is a little too shallow. I bought it originally because I prefer a rear sight that has a vertical line in the middle rather than the traditional 3 dot sight or U notch. In quick acquisition when you’re just glancing at the sight for a split second that shallow V is too close to a straight line and it’s hard to center the front sight on it. It’s worse when you have the BIG dot as the front sight. I switched to their smaller front dot which is around the size of a regular Glock front dot. But after a while it still didn’t work for me because of the rear sight and I ended up modifying the Glock stock sight by blacking out the rear sight’s square U shape and putting a thin white vertical line in the center instead.

If you want sights for surviving a gunfight. Get PT sights. The biggest lollipop they have.

I put it on all my pistols. It is not that great for shooting distance and accuracy. But when you absolutely have to find that big dot quickly and get that first volley on target, under stress, in the dark etc…

nothing is better. I had a recently released convict ram my squad car . It was a lot of movement and stress and so fucking quick what happened. The thing I remember was getting that big lollipop up and right on his chest. My vision had waned over the years . It is the solution.

I’ve noticed people feel very strongly about the stock glock sights, but I’ve never experienced any of the reasons they claim to hate them so much.

It makes sense that people wouldn’t like them if they are used to other types of sights… I just think it’s funny that people hate them so much. It’s ok to just not prefer them lol.

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Well this thread is off to a fun start lol

Glock sights are fine. It’s 90% of people who don’t like them that are defective.

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Here we go… now this is a good reply. Interesting insight on the V. I’ve never used that. The idea of a vertical line on the rear does sound interesting to me.

No they suck they break all the time I mean I don’t use them but they definitely break all the time when other people do… i think… that’s what i heard.

Front post on one of mine is all dinged up but I still like Glock stock sights. Have you considered just getting steel Glock sights?

I’m getting into the age related shitty eyesight thing too. I’ve pretty well decided on a Trijicon RMR.

Otherwise I use Trijicon HD sights.

I have one on another pistol. I don’t know about that on a ccw… but I also haven’t had enough practice. I figured picking up a new set of sights would be quicker.

Until this thread I didn’t even know that was a thing but it sounds interesting. The weird thing is though, for all the talk of them breaking, I have never had them break… and I am having trouble imagining scenarios where they would break… like what are people doing with their pistols to break them?

No clue but why not use the best material available on a life saving device. I know I am aggressive with the big dot recommendation. It is just what works best for me. If you look at the statistics they seem to beat to use for self-defense range fighting.

Dropping their pistol, bumping the sights against things harder than polymer, and naturally coming loose from shooting because they are plastic on steel are all occurrences I have read about. I keep stock sights on all of my Glocks but two and have only disfigured the front post on a 19. I have never had any of the sights fall or even shift on me tbh. I put Dawson Precision front fiber/blacked out rear on my ccw and have been very happy with them though.