Piston jabbing

I been working my jab for ages now and i cant get that piston effect. I jab with the thumb up and its quite fast but i dont seem to have as much reach as i see other people getting with it. I tried the 100 jabs a day but ended up with a sore shoulder after a week.

Whats your guys tips on DEVELOPING a good jab. I feel i have good technique and spar and train it often on the bags and the mitts.

Keeping my elbow out a bit..hmmm may help.

I know your meant to move AWAY from his ppower hand but i see boxers jabbing whilst shifting to about 10 oclock? My coach makes me jab pivot on my left (with a little step) then double jab with pressure. I dont understand why it contradicts?

I need to develop my jab a bit more me thinks.

Ok u were totally correct, i let my elbow come out a bit. WOW what a difference. My coach teaches to jab with the thumb down but makes everybody use thumbs up on rights and jabs for a few months every now and again to make sure our elbows dont flair too much. i spoke to someone who trains with him as well and he said yeh he'll tell u in a week or two to turn ure palm down at the end. I think he forgot about me i been jabbing thumb up for 6 months now LOL.

WOrks a charm thanx alot.

If you want a snappy, piston like jab you need to RELAX the contridictory muscles. Unfortunately when striking the tricep contracts to extend the arm, unfortunately the body will naturally leave the bicep partially contracted as well so that you do not over extend or hurt yourself. If you are nervous/excited even more tension will slow you down.

This is where shadow boxing helps, the repitition allows you to feel each motion. That is why it is important to go SLOW and LOOSE at first and then vary your speeds later on. But always spend some time shadow boxing loose. Trying to go too fast will slow you down.

Another good excercise is to simply shake your arm out so it is good and loose, then pump it downward out and back leaving the hand loose and open just bending and straightening at the elbow, let it bounce and snap in and out down towards your sides in a manner as relaxed as you can. After a minute or stop shake it out and do the same thing out horizontally like a jab or cross, then stop shake it out and pump out some closed fist jabs/crosses. This will raise your kinesetic awareness for the tension in your arm muscles! I bet your faster after just reading this!

Just kidding- have fun!