Pistons cold or Cavs D?

Pistons could not score for shit this series. I saw some open shots that were missed, but not that many. Is the Cavs D that good, are were the Pistons off? The Pistons were a really good team this year, better than the Cavs, but averaging 80 pts. a night? If the Cavs D is that good we may have a finals worth watching. I tend to think the Pistons were just off.

Cavs play good D.

I think some classic Detroit malaise combined with Flips coaching exascerbated the problem.

Cavs play decent D. Pistons were also very off. It was a combo of things.

And yes, they currently house one of the worst fucking coaches ever.

If I were a Piston fan, i'd call for his big fat jew nosed head first.

It just pisses me off. The Pistons were one of the teams I loved to watch, like the Spurs. Not because they were flashy, but because they were good, and to beat them you had to be on your game offensively to have a chance.

Once they lost Ben I was afraid they were done. They are still good, but they have no identity now. They are just good defensively and mediocre on offense. When they had Ben they were great on D, with a mediocre offense.

And I dont think Flip is a bad coach. He's just not a defense first coach, he's a players coach. A guy like Flip is great on an underachieving team trying to get over that hurdle, but he is not the guy you want coaching a championship level team.