Pistons lose to...BOOBIE

You Piston fans got beat by a snot nosed rookie named "Boobie" Gibson! LIT UP!!!!

After all that "We're the best because ... blah blah blah", yet again, the Pistons fall short.

Watch the Spurs play the Cavs... we'll remind you guys how defense is played.

LOL @ Rasheed too. Man I love his breakdowns!!!

LOFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLASSIC!!!

Yeah, Webber didn't even have enough class to stay out and say congrats to the other team. He pulled a Rasheed.


Webber, Garnette, and McGrady are the NBA's lovable losers.

Don't forget Allen,Marbury and mr .kidd

LOL! I'd take Kidd, to back up Parker.

I'd take Allen, to be the fucking towel boy and wash Bowen's jock strap.

I'd take Webber... no... no i wouldn't....

I wouldn't take webber on my old Church league team.

lol@ all this.