Pit Fight accepted in LA film fest

Pit Fight just got accepted in the LA film festivel, there will be a screening of the movie at the Arclight cinema between Sep 7th and 13th. I believe the winner gets accepted and nominated for oscar consideration.

Bobby Razak

Congratulations Bobby! Good luck!

can i just go and see the movie at the arclight or is it invite and list only?



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break a leg

Bobby you need to see the "Bareknuckle Backyard Boxing" video on here. I think that was the thread title.

well I looked on "mythreads" and there was no video posted anymore. Nevermind.

Look forward to seeing the fight, any info?

ttt for when this movie can be purchased.

ttt congrats bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I take it that somebody made a documentary about pitfighting. I suppose that this means that pitfights are actually for real. It sounds like something out of a Van Damme movie.

congrats man...good luck

Thanks guys, Agent2600 is that who I think it is??
The DVD for the film will be available in a few weeks contains the Film Pit Fight, 2 bonus docs, Shark Attack and Way of the Dog, 13 underground fights, commercial spots, bios, production notes and a signed comic book inside each DVD. Thanks to my sponsers Tapout inyaface.com and Sprawl sprawl.tv.
Bobby Razak

3 t's

Hell yeh Bitchs


Major Kudos!!!

The Arc Light is a Great Place to see a flick

If y'all are in LA doo what you can to go

Is there a website?

A trailer we can see?

A plot summary?


Go see the trailer for my movie "Palooka" at www.upressplay.com.

I'm the gangster and did the fight choreography.

(Maybe a shameless hijacking attempt will get myrites to give us alink to the "Pitfight" trailer)


hey punchdrunkenmaste congrats on your new film where can I purchase a copy?

Okay the website for Pit Fight is pitfightmovie.com, the film will be screening at the Arclight Sunday September 12th at 5:30 pm. The DVD will be availbale shortly featuring:
Pit Fight. 2 bonus docs on the level of my first film Rites of Passage. Shark Attack and Way of the Dog. 13 underground fight from the early years of MMA (NHB), some of them bare-knuckle. Fox news promo. Commercial spots. Production notes. Bio's. Signed comic book inside each copy of the DVD. This will be the most amazing MMA DVD to date including the Rites of Passage DVD.

Bobby Razak