Pitch where the new batman movies should go ...bro

I'm a studio exec and i got the funds to back the next three batman movies

Tell me where are we going with Affleck at the helm ? Phone Post 3.0

Bring back Keaton and Nicholson. Give them all the PEDs they can handle.

If Affleck is directing, they'll be really damn good.

There are plenty of Batman stories to still use and borrow from.

To anyone who doubts or hates it: Argo fuck yourself.

Damon as Riddlerr Phone Post 3.0

We have Affleck as the Batman, so.....

George Mureson as Robin
Bill Cosby as The Riddler
Whoopi Goldberg as the Joker
Caitlin Jenner as Catwoman
Frank Stallone as Penguin Phone Post 3.0

I'm pretty hyped to see new villains would love a deadshot movie or him paired with someone penguin or even two face Phone Post 3.0

Let Joker sit this trilogy out. So many other great villains to use. Phone Post 3.0

Since affleck is playing an older batman why not do a batman beyond storyline. Set up a new batman while keeping the original around Phone Post 3.0

If they do have joker I would like To see frank miller version of joker who had some size to him and could fight pretty good .

Would love to see Arkham asylum turned into a movie that would be dark as fuck Phone Post 3.0

New Joker lol

The batman movies should include robin .
To this day in the comic books, robin is a giant part of the storyline.
The problem is, that HACK Joel Schumacher and company made robin a joke on screen.
Make him less of a teen, less of a side kick and more of a partner.
They are missing out on a big chunk of batman lore Phone Post 3.0

Do the Court of Owls story

Also, might to be hard to pull off with live acting and not come off cheesy, but I really like the Scarface character