"pittie" lol



What do you call someone who's been attacked by a pittie?




A corpsie!

I’m guessing it makes it easier living with Isis of the dog world. 

You mean girl eater. 

That's a faggot word you say with a flurry of jazz hands.


Why are y’all fucking with Mutant like that?  Did I miss something?

Insurgentie militanties

have mershie

invalid - have mershie

Have pittie

My pit is the shot. I wouldn't be okay saying she's a pittie. Lol

Bullie... IMO

Dajuisher -

Ah my pittie is famous!

TryhardNobody -

She eats the Lil Heathens like tictacs!



this thread is hilarious

Pittie sounds better than murdering death machine.

Wife calls ours "pibble". I call her slobbering snore monster, or "Fatrick". 

I also have to warn everyone that while she loves people, she runs at them full tilt and launches herself, head down, like Explorer 1 directly at your crotch. 

your dog sounds annoying as shit