Pittsburgh area MMA gyms?

I have a student transferring to Pittsburgh PA and was looking for a good
MMA gym to train at. He is a collegiate wrestler and looking to fight
within the next 6-12 months.

Any feedback appreciated, Thanks

Puttsburgh Fight Club....you can check them out at www.myspace.com/pghfightclub....Hope this helps.

depends on where he is living too.....

not much there

Has Pittsburgh Fight Club ever produced a fighter out of their gym?

One of the largest amateur mma promotions in the country (attendance is usually 3500+ fans) is less than an one hour west of them and I have never saw a single fighter from their gym compete!

I'd mention my gym, but we are located over an hour west of Pittsburgh. (fwiw we've had 15 fights in said promotion in just over 1 year) and probably not what you're looking for.

With MMA not sanctioned in PA, you'd think we'd see them...

btw: I'd recommend the South Hills Judo Club, they have the city's best judo, best muay thai (Sit-dragonleg) and a Milagrase brown belt Bobby Palumbi.

Sounds like he already knows how to wrestle..


We tried to get together a few times in the past while I was back there....

There are now 4 guys who have had fights coming out of my old gym at the 'Barn' in the north hills of pittsburgh.

He is currently a wrestler at Ohio State. He is transferring out but is
willing to move close to a good gym. Thanks for your help guys.

Cpt, please email me at steelvalleymma@hotmail.com and I'll give you my advice and contacts in the area.

Hey John! Great news! I think I've got your email and I'll send you a message soon. I'd love to come up and visit.


Always lookin for good wrestlers to train with. I don't have 1 particular gym where I train at, but I go to a few different places in the pittsburgh area to prep for fights.


Im not there anymore...Im just still friendly with them guys...

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