pizza dough

 do they sell premade pizza dough in stores?  i'm not talking about pizza crust.  i mean dough that i have to roll..  i don't want to deal with yeast and flour and bullshit..  but i want to have dough to make something...

 this is what i want to try to make.. i saw it on tv..  it's a pizza in a bowl..   you start with cheese in a bowl.. well i guess i'll spray the bowl with non-stick spray.. then put a couple big slices of cheese in it.  the on top of that, whole mushrooms.  then on top of that.  pour in pasta sauce with meat.  and whatever spices that goes with pizza.  this should fill the whole bowl.   cover the top with a pizza dough seal the bowl with it.   bake the whole fucker..

after it's down turn it upsidedown and dump the thing on a plate to eat.. how good will it be doesn't matter, it just sounds fun to make.

Chicago Pizza Oven Grinders...

 Trader Joe's sells pre made pizza dough.  It's cheap too.  Like $1 for a 1lb ball.  If you have a Fresh and Easy near you, they sell it too, but it doesn't taste near as good as the TJ version.


 I saw some a few times at my local store and I want to say even Wal-Mart had it for a while but by the time I got around to "Hey I think I want to try that" it was gone. 


you saw that show too columi or have you been to the restaurant?

No been to the restaurant a few times...real good stuff, the also do these giants flat breads covered in herbs and spices with dipping homemade ranch and poppy seed dipping sauce that kick all forms of booty. If you go in, go early because its always packed. The door guy never writes anything down...seats people by memory.

 How did the pizza bowl turn out?

 I didn't make them yet.   I have to find the dough.. i'll do it next weekend.  i got lazy and drunk this weekend and ended up making burgers..i checked whole foods this weekend and didn't find it there.. i will check trader joe as you suggested.

 just go to a pizza place. they'll sell you a dough.