Pizza Port "Old Viscosity"

Yeah, I oughta wait till I TRY the stuff before posting.... but you guys know this one? Pours near black, and is sold as an "American Strong Ale". Label has a motor oil can motif, and says "Stronger than your father's 30-weight", which I think is cool.

I bought a bottle, un-drunk, but I'm into this brewery, now.

I did try their red ale, the "Sharkbite", which is, I think, very good, but not in the league of Bear Republic's Red Rocket.

Can't discuss every beer on the "SN Celebration" thread, y'know? ;-)

I just bought the Wipe Out today. I'm trying it tomorrow. It was the only bottle and BevMo had no other Pizza Port beers.

Old VIscosity is awesome! I had a fresh pint tonite at Pizza Port, and I have 5-6 bottles hanging around the pad somewhere. One of my favorites from that great brewery.

Had some Wipeout tonite too, very tasty IPA, though unfortunately I had it right after I had tasted some of my homebrew IPA, which really blew it away. Fulkrum's recipe rocks the house :P

"Its available online at for anyone interested that doesn't get it locally." - MeatHook

I liked the Wipeout a lot. I'm going to stock up on it.

It is good, but I want some of that jonwell homebrew!

Ali,what BevMo do you go to? I went online and found one in Canoga Park. That seems to be the closest one to me, outside of Simi.

That's my local one,yes. Bigger one just opened nearby in Northridge, too; but the Canoga Park one is about 3 mins from where I work, and I'm good friends with a guy who hosts the tastings (and makes beer and wine and spirits and sometimes cheeses, grows grapes and hops... very knowledgeable guy, guru-esque except that he's so damned unassuming. But I like the education at the smaller, closer BevMo, which is why I don't get to Northridge or some of the other larger ones)

Old VIscosity is awesome! I had a fresh pint tonite at Pizza Port

lucky.... I just (finally) drank the bomber bottle last night. Indeed it was awesome. A bit of that alcohol burn, which I've enjoyed in a few beers this year. This is an excellent strong ale!

Glad you liked it, I was afraid we'd never see eye to eye ;)

I had the Sharkbite last night and liked it. Nice caramel flavor.

Jonwell -- we see pretty close, I think, actually. Not like any flat out "this sucks!" to anything you've liked, except maybe for a bad-bottle problem. We don't see "the same", it's true. Palates are palates. But I bow to your superior knowledge and test your recs when I can!

As you know, I am more of a Stone fan than you (IPA and Ruination and RIS and Smoked Porter and 10th Anniversary, at least).... for a "Strong Ale", if the best they have is the various Bastards... well... Old Viscosity pwns. (I'll even gladly admit that the AleSmith X is a much better pale than Stone's Pale. But I think Stone's Pale Ale is lame).

I like the Sharkbite, too -- more as I drank more (no comments!) I think I had the first bottle or two too cold; I still rate the Red Rocket higher, though.

Me too. Red Rocket is great.

My California red is better than both of em tho :P

I'm on my way over.

Haven't made that one in a depressingly long time, but I do have a very fine IPA pouring :)

(And I'm more an IPA-guy first, anyway. But somehow I landed in Sacramento -- got lost on the way it seems!)

Jon - I seem to remember you were saving some of that for me :(

I still have plenty, Bob!

Plus both Pizza Port and Hi Times carry it in large quantities.