PKA Greatest Heavyweight Fighters

Remember how these PKA guys used to go after each other in the ring? This is a promo for an inDemand pay per view that starts tomorrow. I was wondering how you guys think these champions would do against today's fighters? I saw Rick Roufus in the promo and I know he's still around and does very well.

Does very well at what?

 He's fighting MMA now, owns a kickboxing center in Tempe, AZ, and trains kickboxers at LIon's Den in Scottsdale AZ.

Is he doing very well in MMA?

 He's coming to MMA in his forties and has a record of 4-2 according to his website.  Not as shining as kickboxing record of 63-9-1 with 43 knockouts but his career as a fighter is still rolling.  MMA may not turn out to be his thing but he's giving it a shot.

I see he lost to Mo Smith and beat Micheal McDonalds in MMA.

At one point Elite XC was planning on having Roufus fight Kimbo, but instead they choose Shamrock, I guess name recognition, plus they realized Roufus would of Ko'ed him pretty easily, I just wish he would of got the shot and fame that Seth Petruzelli got. Roufus is a Legend.

Yeah, Roufus would have been a bad fight for Kimbo.

 Just watched Rick fight last night in Vegas.  He's still a dead fish on the ground, but you gotta respect the old man for stepping into a new sport and going for it.

Rick Roufus was the best Kickboxer to come out of the PKA, but he didn't fight PKA as a Heavyweight. Dennis Alexio was the best Heavyweight.

Rick Roufus tried to make a fight between himself and Alexio happen, but Alexio apparently refused to fight him.

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Man, I remember those days well. Ross Scott was tough as hell. I helped tie the gloves on Bad Brad Hefton in Wisconsin, when he was training with one of my friends back in the day. Never met Dennis Alexio, met Rick Roufus in Chicago when he fought the polish guy, Petroski(sp) on Tom Letuli's show. Duke Roufus had a hell of a Muay Thai team, we fought some of his fighters in Kenosha.