Place to see UFC in Austin?

Looking for someone in the Austin area who's hosting the UFC and is willing to have my girlfriend, Emily, over as a guest.  The people she usually watches MMA events with are out of town.  She'd prefer to see it with a co-ed group, but anyone friendly and willing to host is great.

She can't really afford to order it herself, and doesn't want to go to a bar by herself (and most of the bars showing it in the Austin area are strip clubs.) 

Anyhow, if you could do this small favor for a longtime UG member, I'd sure appreciate it.

My email is

Thanks, I'm aware of the bars, but as mentioned above, she doesn't really want to go to a bar by herself.

I can't help you ,unfortunately, but has she considered watching the ufc ppv stream over computer? There's some more information about it at the link below, if she has a good internet connection and doesn't mind watching it alone.

Unfortunately, the online viewing cost is the same as the TV PPV cost.


Surely there are some folks on the UG in Austin who are ordering the UFC PPV tonight?