place to train in syracuse ny

ill be in syracuse ny this weekend and didnt wanna take the whole
weekend off, just wondering if anybody knew of a place to train not too
far from there. grappling, mma, boxing, muay thai, anything would
work if its cool just to come a couple days. thanks for any info.

Go to see the bombsquad...unless you want to fight them. 45 minutes from Syracuse

that would b awesome but my gym always has guys that fight theres so
i dont know if that would work out so well, maybe a little less
established gym would b better but thanks

There's Tai-Kai/Balance BJJ in Liverpool, which is right next to Syracuse.

Hey Will, come down to the Bombsquad. You are more than welcome to come and train with us. It's only 30 minutes from Syracuse. Give me a call.

Ryan Ciotoli

Tai-Kai in Liverpool has a no-gi BJJ class on Saturdays and then a pretty lengthy open mat, which, unless it's changed, starts at 11am.

Hey Will

Tai-Kai is right in Syracuse. We have Two BJJ Blackbelts on staff and MMA training every night, BJJ and submission grappling every night, and Open mats ever night. We have a large facility over 3000 square feet of New Dollamur Mats. A bunch of different type of heavy bags ,etc. There is always at least 30 people to work with every night. Shoot me an email at or give my cell a call 315-395-0910


Tai-Kai Martial arts

Hey just re read your post. You will be there this weekend. This weekend we have on fridays jiu-jitsu and mma, and a real big no gi jiu -jitsu class on saturdays usually like 40 people. Eric Charles and Tamdam McCrory along with Marc Stevens are always there on Saturdays to work on their jiu-jitsu and also pass on some knowledge of theirs to the class. There are no egos and is a real nice learning environment. Hope to see you then


thanks that place sounds cool, and thanks ryan ill give u a call if i get a
chance to drive out there

will kerr, you looked pretty tough against ian loveland at ring of combat last year even though you lost. when are you competing again in new jersey?

thanks, and whenever a promoter calls my manager. i liked it down
there we got a few calls after i lost (probably because people thought
itd be an easy fight after seeing me not do exactly great) but lately its
been all mass. but hopefully again soon

my managers #, Darryl MarcAurele 860 961 4246

Heard theirs an undefeated fighter that trains at Tai Kai on occasion ...