Place to watch UFC in Jax, FL?

Anyone know of a place I can watch Saturday night's UFC in Jacksonville? I live in Orange Park, so I'd prefer somewhere close to home. I'm willing to spend the $$$ if anyone would open up their living room for me.


Cool, thanks for the bar link. Hopefully someone living close by? I will pay $20 towards the subscription cost and bring some beer.

Friend of mine told me they were gonna have it at Gators Dockside at the end of Argyle Forrest Blvd. by The Oaks Plantation. You could call and verify.
python, do you know of anywhere to train(mma or anything else fight related)around OP my buddy has been driving all the way to the Southside and I think he's gettin sick of that drive?


Where on Southside does your budddy train at?

germ - If I end up having no place else to go, I'll hit that Gator's Dockside. It's only about 7 miles from me. Where are you going to watch it?

Yeah, Southside is a drive, but do you want good training or not? It's been awhile since I trained, but Peacock's and Obake's had the best instructors and training partners. Obake's isn't in Gold's Gym anymore.

flgrappler, I think the gym is called Five Star Martial Arts and mostly trains kickboxing from what I'm told.

python, I'm in Gainesville so I'll probably watch it around here.


ufc in jax------ wing house at tinsletown

best bjj in jax ---- victor hubert (royler bb)
lionel perez (relson BB)

i can get info if you like, train out by regency mall

Obake is still in Golds. I heard hooters was going to show it.

+1 on Lionel, wherever he's teaching now.

Obake had tons of good training partners. Tony Vartainian in particular.

Python, email me at

I watched it at Ker's winghouse by myself last time. Maybe we can get some people together for it.


OK, it looks like I'll be going to Gator's Dockside at the end of Argyle Forest Blvd. in Oakleaf. Their number is (904) 425-6466.

I have a shaved head, flame tattoo on my left leg, and I'll be wearing a dark blue Conan Silveira Fight Team t-shirt and shorts.


i will be watching in St. Aug