Place your bets on the George Floyd trial here

Which charges will Chauvin be found guilty of?
  • 2nd degree murder
  • 3rd degree murder
  • 2nd degree manslaughter
  • All 3 charges
  • A mix of the 3 charges
  • Found innocent on all and walks

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Let’s hear it, OG.

Damn it. I just want the old forum back with it’s shitty broken poll function.


And frames…

I have a consult with a project manager for a Discourse development team to talk about the project. As Kirik as always said, if it’s not crazy cost prohibitive we want to get it done.


It’s all good man… I was just reiterating your sarcasm…

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, bub. I haven’t tried to add a comma to the poll responses yet as that used to uberFuck the polls on the old site LOL.

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Kirik needs to put his knee on the neck of frames until there is no movement.

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My gut feeling before and during the trial, is no chance for 2nd degree murder, 3rd degree is a coin flip, and manslaughter is a lock.

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Lol at anyone who seriously thinks he’s walking with the evidence presented so far. 3rd degree murder coming his way

I want to vote he’s found innocent because it’s looking that way, but I think the woke mob will find out who’s on the jury and threaten them and their families if they decide he’s innocent. They’ll decide 3rd degree murder just to keep their houses from burning down.



No way he gets off clean.

It’s looking more and more like he’ll walk (unless the jury convicts him cuz politics). For anyone paying attention to the story that was fairly obvious months ago… Unfortunately, it’s also very obvious that the media is playing up the idea that it’s a clear cut case of guilt. They know what will happen when the masses are primed to believe he’s guilty and then he gets cleared.

Nobody is ever found “innocent.” They are found “not guilty.” Big difference.

I think it’s the only thing he catches if he catches anything.

He will be convicted off politics and fear of massive riots IMO. Don’t get me wrong , I’d love to see him walk and watch all these tards minds just fucking melt.


And George Floyd is guilty of being a drug addicted criminal faggot.

I voted he will walk. But… there quite a few black folks on jury.

had not thought about that. good point.