Places showing UFC in SoCal?

Usually the UFC website lists some locations in California like a week prior to an event. I'm hoping to catch UFC 50 at Hooters, which everones showing it. Think about it, gorgeous women, great wings, and ultimate fighting, what more could you want?


Hello?! Where the hell are they showing the event?

i need to know, too. santa monica/marina del rey area preferably.



dammit, does anyone know?

sheesh, I can't find a place anywhere on the net, sorry..... how come UFC quit putting that info on their site?

how come UFC quit putting that info on their site?

Probably because the info was almost always wrong.

Most National Sports Bar and Grill locations show the event with a $5 cover. If you are in OC, I recommend going to Venus, a strip joint where the girls aren't so hot anymore. Chokeyou can attest to that, but they have a free BBQ buffet to go with the UFC.

I know of a few places in SoCal...

Nationals Bar & Grille & Centerfeild Bar & Grille..

if I think of any more, I'll post em.