Places to train in Georgia...

I'm living in Kansas City untill next month...then Im moving out to Columbus Georgia...are there any good MMA schools...or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools around that area...I know Columbus is an hour or so away from Atlanta so I'm hoping there is something in columbus or right outside...

I visited my family down there a couple of years ago and trained with a Cam Mchargue(sp)... I believe he was in Augusta Georgia or some thing like that...regardless any info would be great thanks!

no one ever asks this :)

I need some info Im going to move down there and not know anyone but my family and they are not real familiar with MMA or Jits...any ahelp would be great...thanks.

Truth- We were in LaGrange. I remember you but I don't remember your name.
We are now in Griffin, GA and Macon, GA. Our website is
Our Macon facility is probably about an hour from Columbus.

There is a group in Columbus that trains at Ft. Benning but I don't know if it's open to civilians.

You can email me at


The HardCore Gym
Contact: Adam Singer
1685 Commerce Road, Suite 4
Athens, Georgia 30607
Tel: (706) 714-8369

There is a great MMA/Judo/Muay Thai/Jiu-Jitsu school in Phenix City, AL which is like 5 mins out of Columbus. It is called Chattahoochee Valley Mixed Martial Arts Academy. It is by far the best school in that area. Check out for a link to their website.

Used to fly over Phoenix city on the way to the drop zone during Airborne School. At least thats what someone said I wasn't really looking for a tourguide at the time.

Anyway it is very close to Columbus.

Phenix City is right next to Columbus.


Wow thank you all very much for the much needed info...

Hey Cam Im glad you remembered me my with you and your students was much fun...I arrive Christmax day and begining the 1st of the new year Im just going to trian like crazy...I hope that we can again train from time to time my friend....

again thank you all for the info...

oh yea my name is Brandon...

Ground Zero Augusta, Ga

Check out Chattahoochee Valley Mixed Martial Arts. The guys who teach there work at the US Army Combatives school. They offer MMA, Muay Thai, Judo, Submission Grappling. The number is 334-214-0711.
Ask for Keith or Max


ttt also


Southeast of Columbus

Gator - Knuckle Up is probably the closest to you.

Gator.. I am the GM for Knuckle Up. We have done some expanding. As of right now, we have gyms located in Kennesaw,Woodstock, Atlantic Station, Gwinett,Sandy Springs/North Buckhead, Alpharetta, and the outer banks North Carolina. How far is Barrett Parkway, or Roswell rd for you?


Thanks. The traffic on Barrett does SUCK. You can always hit me up here or just call up to Kennesaw and ask for me if you decide you want to train a little. We have added more classes also. If you ever did decide to get back into it, I will make sure that you get taken care of. Just contact me first. Do you have any room at your place to set up some mats? Maybe you could find some guys in the area that want to train also. Just another option.

 Gator, Tony Tucci is opening a school right near Cobb Galleria.  I don’t know how long a drive that is with traffic but Tony is the most technical person I have ever trained with and it may be worth checking out.

 /o:pI think they plan to open at the first of the year.  Here is the temp website.