places to train in Myrtle Beach?

I'm going to be in Myrtle Beach for a week coming up in a few days, and I'd to do some training while I'm there, does anyone know of anywhere or have some suggestions? Thanks in advance for answers guys.


Check out Medieval Times

RuleDog no way man Dixie Stampede will get you more rednecks who think they are tough because of tractors and shit and living in the "dirty south" lol...but God Damn if that soup they serve isn't awesome.

lol @ Ufcbarbarian. Oh wait, soup that awsome is no laughing matter. RuleDogg, is this "Medieval Times" an actual place to train? If so, do you have any more info? If it's not an actual place and you're messing with me, then ouch. single tear rolls down cheek

Well, most of the Myrtle Beach schools will be in Atl. for the weekend. We have two guy's fighting from here!