Places to Train in NYC

I'm moving to NY in the next 6 months or so and I need a school to train at...

something that won't leave me broke, but will allow me to continue to be the MMA-wannabe that I am..

No seriously, I know Renzo is our there and 5 points, but I want input; the good, the bad, the ugly.

save me the trouble of having to find out on my own. i just want to keep fighting without skipping a beat because of my move.

Wow - no more Comcast or phillymma?

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Feel free to check us out at

Depends on where you want to train, NY is a big place. Do you want to train in Manhattan? Bronx? Queens? Brooklyn? Upstate?

Marcelo Garcia is now there with Fabio Clemente.  I don't see how you could go wrong there.

what borough?

"Depends on where you want to train, NY is a big place. Do you want to train in Manhattan? Bronx? Queens? Brooklyn? Upstate? "

Or maybe this place called Staten Island...

I"ll be working in midtown...
Yes, good bye to comcast (hated it) and Philly MMA (love it! sad)

don't really know anything about NYC...

but do know I want to fight pro one day and can't do it if I don't keep training.

someplace to train first... then apartment ; )

PS. Huge places don't work for me--classes of people like over 20 or 30 I'll get lost

This is due to my recently diagnosed problem known as MAADD (martial arts ADD)

If you are in "Midtown" the three main choices would be Renzo, Ronin/Straight blast (Christian Montes) and NY San Da....

BEWARE "Manhattan MMA" which is not just a Taekwonddo school, it is part of the Rev Moon's cult :) No, really LOL

Kneeblock is doing free tarp training in Central Park. He's turned out a few pro's with this new unique training method.

You're kidding - Moon has an MMA school?

"Tung Il Moo Do" is Rev Moon's martial arts federation and that is what those guys are, I've heard from a lot of sources that the school is just a front to get people to join...

"Or maybe this place called Staten Island..."

Nah fuck SI LOL ;)


Just come to Renzo's and stop screwing around....

my aunt has an apt on the west side of central park...

i think going there in the middle of the night with a bunch of men sounds like a great time!

i'm sure it will improve my... "training" lol

hey fightergrl,

feel free to check out my gym if you get the chance -

That's the Ronin/Straight blast I just mentioned...

Christian, did the guy from Holland ever come back to your school?

any girls train at any of these places?

And i'm serious when I say i'm special needs mma student...

but i'm also serious that i work my ass off and want nothing more than to fight.