Places to train in Oahu??

I've got a friend who's going there this week and wanted me to get a list of good places to train at over there.

thanks for any help on the matter.

Go to and there is a complete list of gyms on Oahu.

808 fight team is in waipahu, HMC is in Honolulu and Grappling Unlimited is in/near Aiea. Those are some off the top of the head. Good luck.

this is where Charuto teaches BJJ and Haru Shimanishi teaches the staundup... not gonna' find much better coaching than that... :)

thanks guys, are all those places in Oahu?

HMC iz on Oahu,,,,,

Tell him to check out Super Brawl in Maui this weekend (sunday night I think)

Cool, thanks guys, that onzuka site is great.