Places to Train in OKC

hey guys,

i will most likely be visitinig in OKC over the next few months and was wondering where you all trained at?

been in mma for like 5 years now with a good mix of thai, wrestling/submissions

thanks for the info


Edmond: Redline BJJ (Ty Gay, BJJ purple)

Norman: Titan Martial Arts/BJJ (Scott Hewitt, BJJ purple)

Moore: USA Stars (Pat Burris, Judo Black, former olympic Judo team member and coach)

OKC: TKOForme Boxing (Buck Smith former heavyweight)

all are within 20 minutes of downtown OKC.

fuck okc, go to the den in tul$a

lol, how far is tulsa from okc?

Lawton is an hour an change south of OKC. If you get chance, come down and check us out.

since no one mentioned it,

Lovato's BJJ and MMA the BEST place to train in OKC...or the state for that matter! :) Raphael Lovato Sr and Jr are both Black Belts under Carlos Machado...Jr just took second in the U.S. Open after submitting Cassio Werneck and fighting a serious battle against current World Champion, Eduardo Telles!

thanks for the info guys

I had a chance to roll with Rafael Jr. a few years ago, he really is good. If you do make it down to Lawton, please drop by.

6724 NW Cache Rd.
Lawton, OK 73505
Mon/Wed 7:30-9:00, Sunday 10:00Am

Lovato's guys aren't training to fight in MMA competition anytime soon but the MMA and self defense aspects are second to none. He isn't encouraging anyone to fight competitively right now. The MMA-style training is more to round out the curriculum and train people to handle themselves on the street.

Competiton training at Lovato's focuses on both BJJ with the gi and no-gi sub grappling. Rafael Lovato Jr competes internationally both with and without the gi and is one of the most successful and active fighters in the country right now.

Father and son received black belts in BJJ from Carlos Machado. Anyone in the world of BJJ/sub grappling will vouch that they are the real deal.

Also cannot go wrong with Redline or Titan in Norman. Both schools are taught by well-regarded purple belts and have dedicated students. For judo you would be hard-pressed to find better than Pat Burris anywhere in the country. Better be ready to bring it though!

The "real" martial arts scene in Oklahoma City is taking off.

lol, if i can manage it when i visit ill check out most of the places

i was told that the beer in OK cant be over 3% alcohol?? is this true? cause if it is, then that aint drinkin

thanks for the note - i most likely wont have the opp to get out to tulsa, since ill be visiting someone in okc and most likely wont have a car

but ill see what i can do


Do you know of any MMA events here in Oklahoma. We have to travel to all ends to find events. Guy's go out to Utha, Up to Kansas City and out to Kentucky. That's a lot of traviling. Do you know of anything (primarly non-pro) here in Oklahoma or real close?

You can get +3.0 beer in liquor stores out this way, but the place can't sell it cold. OK does have a shall-issue concealed carry law though, which imo makes up for their dumbass alchohol laws:)


Do you have a point of contact for the fights in Tulsa, that's only about 3 hours from here, beat the 8 or 9 to go to other places.

Answer to OMA's question:

(old article, but same law. OK has since been added to the list)

I'm from Jersey, a state where only the cops and gangbangers carry guns, so it's a nice change.


Thanks dude, I'll give him a call.