places to watch UFC in london, ON?

any bars showing it this weekend?

for some reason, when i create this thread there, it gets deleted. i emailed kirik about it, but got no response. or usually has a list of bars showing the PPV


everywhere you turn in London, there is 50 bars showing..........Boston Pizza's, Crabbie Joe's, TJ Baxters, Martini Bar, Oar House, Alibi and a shit load more, hope this helps

brandon, any recommendations for a big screen or good food? thx, it helps a lot.

Check out TJ BAXTERS, wicked place with big screens on there patios as well. Downtown on Richmond Street. Good food and drinks with two huge screens. They have wcked huge ones on the patio's as well. The other places get way too acked and you can;t even move at a restaurant.

 Dougie's and Little One's.

Possibly Chapsters and The Honest Goose as well

arrrgh. i read brandon curtis thread today. oar house (i heard it called 'whore house') was packed as well as crappie joe's.

i ended up at a boston pizza (didn't have time to go to tj baxter, although that was my instinct), because i came back from a provincial park. my gf fell asleep (exhausted, not bored), so i had to miss the gsp fight.

but thanks for all the tips, much appreciated.

its Bradon Curts lol not Curtis

my bad, posting on the fly. net cafe, ltd. time.

wait, bradon or brandon?

ah fuck Brandon

hahahah woooops