Plan for Babyface "Rebels" on Raw

The current plan for next week, according to, is that the wrestlers who came to Daniel Bryan's aid at the end of Raw last night will in fact be punished by "the regime" on Raw next week.

The babyfaces who staged the "coup" included RVD, The Prime Time Players, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and more.

Now the dusty thing is making even more sense. Expect the two sons to join. All tye babyfaces that stormed the ring in the end were at the ambulance when dusty was leaving. Thats what finally pushed them to have to stand up for themselves.

I didnt think much of that at the time but makes perfect sense now Phone Post

Somebody BIG I feel should return to lead this charge or at least stand along side Daniel Bryan...

If Stone Cold returned just for an appearance, the walls would implode.

BillyRayChubbs -

Somebody BIG I feel should return to lead this charge or at least stand along side Daniel Bryan...

If Stone Cold returned just for an appearance, the walls would implode.

Hbk a coming.....

He's making an appearance next week Phone Post 3.0

I had a feeling, after watching a interview with Triple H & Michael Cole from today... Triple H says they will not be "individually punished" and that, also, that sort of behavior is "beneath him." I knew as soon as Cole asked the question that we would be seeing these guys get it.

He ends the interview calling Dusty Rhodes disrespectful and excusing his wife's actions, citing Dusty sealing his fate when he said the line 'go to hell...' then says that a "lot of people in this business are gonna go to Hell... and Virgil Runnels is first in line."

He also says there will be a rematch for the WWE Title between Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton at "Battleground," the new PPV.

Also, I agree with BRC- if Stone Cold came back and endorsed D-Bry and the guys who are supporting him, that would be colossal.

From a fan's perspective- they gotta know that a "Shield-ambush" will not work on the guy that came down to the ring in monster trucks, ATVs, and a Zamboni and cleaned house with 30 people in the ring- handing out Stunners to everyone. I'd love to see Seth Rollins sell a Stunner, he'd oversell it better than The Rock used to, lol.

But even if there was no Shield-fuckery involved- it would be huge, and it would also be like an unofficial torch-passing on Stone Cold's part. Phone Post

Michaels makes way more sense than austin Phone Post 3.0

on the dusty angle, it would make sense for say Shane to come back and just give Dusty's kids their jobs back. Lay it out on Steph and HHH as Dusty was not a WWE employee (kayfabe here) and they basically assaulted him on national tv, opening them up to a multi million dollar lawsuit. But Shane came back to clean up his idiotic sister and bro in law's mess since this is the McMahon-Hemsley era part deux. Let it escalate from that point on, w Shane pretty much gaining the trust of the locker room much to their chagrin.

I'd rather see HBK. Or Shane. They would make more sense and just think of the things they could do with a Shane come back. And then The Sheild attack him or something and the WHOLE roster come out and help him. That would be nuts. Phone Post 3.0

Somehow I get the feeling that Shane coming back has the same odds as Andre coming back Phone Post

Shane is one entertaining dude.  Crazier things have happened.

DrunkSender - I am still hoping Shane comes back for this angle Phone Post 3.0

Stephanie: You know what you need to do Big Show, you're BROKE and Hunter and I are the only one's who can help you!



They should just go all out and have all the wrestlers walk out at the end of RAW. When HHH and Steph start laughing and saying where ya gonna go put on the titan tron WCW NITRO with shane having a huge smile on his face. He still owns it right?

Then wwe start a recruiting phase with a few leftover bug names who didnt go, and cross over that with NXT and showing HHH and steph out recruiting new top talent. Phone Post

Well the next ppv is called Battleground, maybe put some of the rebels against the shield or something in a match similar to War Games aka "the ultimate battleground"? Cage match or something?