Planet JJ @ Mass Destruction

I would like to say Congrats to my fighters Dan Cole and Rich Attonito for their impressive showings at Mass Destruction 18.

Awesome performance guys!! Very proud to be in your corner.

-Jeff Miller

Planet Jiu-Jitsu

Special thanks to Glen Sandull for making the trip up to help corner the guys. Glen is the anchor of our fight team and a leader both on and off the mat.

Matt F. and Greg D....thanks for all the extra help you gave to the fighters. If not for your guard work, they would not have been as prepared for their fights.

Congratulations guys!~

Congrats guys, good fights

both those guys trained very hard for these fights, hard work pays off.


ttt for planet jj

special thanks to Jeff and Glen for cornering me.

congrats to dan on his NHB debut!

i just want to thank everyone who helped me to prepare for this fight. especially Jeff and the guys at Planet.

thanks to "The Italian Lionheart" and Ricky Hunt for getting me ready with that "caaaaaaaaarrrrdio", as well as, Ray and Joe at NJ Muay Thai.

i also want to recognize the guys at Boneyard. They are a very classy and respectful individuals.


Rich Attonito

Great fight brother!

Congrats guys. Thanks Rich, back atcha.

Attonito, Cole,

great job guys. you have a following in Upstate NY..

i just bought a house and am STILL moving this weekend into it...

Great performance and i can't wait for April, either.


Congrats! Cant wait until April!!!

ttt for both fighter,

both had good matches....

lookin forward to april....

Congrats guys !!

which planet? 1st or 10th?

FletchMonster, We were the original Planet Jiu-Jitsu..however..being in the company of Eddie Bravo & his crew is never a bad thing. Much respect for him and his team.

Our Planet JJ is in New Jersey..Hope to have Dave T. come out and visit us soon.

Fuego..thanks again for taking us all out after. Come down and train soon you lazy bastard, and bring me my jacket.

Kosta, you need to be there for the next Reality Fighting. Glen, Dan, and Rich should all be on the card. Hope Rob can make the trip up and be ringside with me.

Mike Littlefield, Your team is always impressive. Look forward to seeing your guys in action again soon.

Congrats to Planet BJJ :-)

Your team is evolving nicely, Jeffie :-)

You guys did great. I am a Rich A. fan! (and Dan, too).

Jeff, are Glen and Carlos fighting again?  Havent heard anything?

Shaq Daddy

cogradulations Rich. Your game was on like a mother fucka that night. Bobby.


Glen has fought 4 times now..half of them being against Carlos.

At this time, we would like to have Glen face a new opponent. I hope that Glen will fight in April on the Reality Fighting card to once again defend his SuperHeavyweight Title. Hope to have the opponent named later this week.

By the way, will you be making your 205 debut at this show? and whats up with you having a stalker now? (grapplinguy)

Dude i dunno, whats up with that guy?   I would like to make 205 for that card.  All depends on who they get for me to fight. 

Shaq Daddy