Planetary (27 finally came out)

I'm pretty sure there are other fans of Planetary on here. After forfuckingever, 27 is out. Just read it and I thought it was a pretty satisfying way to end the series. Definitely remains one of my all time favorite comics. Anyone else read it?

No way


I assumed #26 was the final issue when it was released last decade.

It's a damn good series, one of my all-time favorites; but there's little excuse for the amount of delay on this. I'll get it and I'll probably love it, but I will rage on the inside.

hahaha. fucking great.

meh at this point. I also forgot Ambrose.

I kinda forgot Ambrose as well. I liked getting a glimpse of them in charge after the big fight and the small inkling of the future. Totally mystified as to why it took so damn long to come out.

 Great book. I just have to go reread the whole series now.

I read the first few issues, but it never really clicked with me. I'm curious why it took so long too since Ellis has written 30 books a month every month since the last issue came out.

Finally read it. I think it's probably a great closer to the series, but it's just been too damn long for me to really have much attachment to it. I should have gone back and reread things from the start. Oh well.

 Good ending, wish there was some more epic imagery but that was more or less covered in #26.