PlanetSide 2 is LIVE! Free to Play!

Who else is playing?! I am The Vandalz, NC, on the US-West server Connery!

I also provide technical support for the game so let me know if you have any issues!

This is the most massive FPS ever created people, get in here and feel a REAL war game living and breathing around you.

I heard the specs to run the game are rediculous.,.. Truth?

Played an hour or so tonight. Pretty overwhelming to just jump in. Still not entirely sure wtf is going on. Playing on Helios server

My laptop is running it just fine on medium/low Phone Post

NO THANKS Phone Post

Very very overwhelming to begin. I dropped right into a battlefield and was shot within 3 secs. Kinda getting the hang of it. Playing as a medic and just following my team about till i get used to it Phone Post

Join active measures outfit were starting an og outfit.... Phone Post

If you guys don't have a ssd but have 16gb of ram. Make a ram disk and move ps2 onto it Makes the game run waaaaaaay faster. Phone Post

Hey vandalz add me on Connery I'm arltnc Phone Post

best FPS ever... great game

mikehh - best FPS ever... great game

Agreed Phone Post

spent a coupla hours in this so far - it's pretty crazy. huge! pretty impressed so far, but it's a lot to take in and there is zero handholding. there are some handy tutorial vids on their site.

I spent all night playing, I cant get enough.

I am an infiltrator using the Shadow scout rifle with a short range 1x sights on it. (ANTI SNIPER BABY!)

My reaver has A2A and upgraded chain gun and my Heavy Assault rifles all have the NV sights.

I cannot stop playing, this is damn amazing.

nickgjj I'll add you when I get home tonight, anyone else playing on Connery?!

Connery is fucking up, lagging and vehicles don't disapppear Phone Post

I just started playing on Connery. Add me I'm Onin Phone Post

I've been wtching this game since beta and am very interested in it but i have a laptop, would 5000 MB of ram and an intel core HD family graphics card work for it? Phone Post

Is there an og outfit Phone Post

I'm thinking of starting an og outfit on Connery. Depends on how many people we get. Phone Post

Serge has one we need to get a large group Phone Post

I'm not gonna play on a easy coast server though. This game lags enough already. Phone Post

just got a new laptop n all...

but i seriously would get it especially since it is free except i suck donkey balls on pc lol