planing a trip to thialand help

planing to go for a month. would like to stay in one place.also want a place with jj and mma. im going to focus on my stand up of course but i dont want to go a hole month with out rolling. where should i go?

"im going to focus on my stand up "

sure you are... enjoy the ladybois you freak

why travel for that your mom makes house calls.
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Its the most fun country on Earth, 100 beautiful women for every man, best food of all time, so much more. My favorite spots are Bangkok and Pattaya. Don't stay in one place, see Chiang Mai as well. You'll have the time of your life.

Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket.

MMA and Thai Boxing there. You will find people to roll with no problem. No-gi only though. I stayed there 4 weeks and really enjoyed it.

Very few hot girls there IMO there though, mostly average looking...

Nightlife is fun as hell.

lol it's a hotspot of terrorism right now

lol @ "hole" month!!!

id be fuckin the entire month too!

hey jackson, ole laursen has a camp out there. try to check it out. they now train mma there too


all the extra stuff is nice but im really only going to train thats it. so i just want the best training i might do a lil vaca after

well then screw you jackson! ole used to teach at city boxing back in the day. thats why I recomended his gym.

shut up roli i just checked out the web site i wasnt even talking to you. working for mark for so long made you mean. lol where did you watch the fight at.

na not thunder thats my dog. we have punched each other in the face alot and kick each other in the leg alot more where are you training roli

haha, watched the fights at brandons

There has been warnings issued in the past couple days for people to stay away from Thailand for now.

training at undisputed. working alot with robert and the boxing team there. every once in a while I go train at the boxing club with shannon, dean and all those guys


ttt for thunder thats my dog you better have alot more fights by the time i get home tell jhanx and robert i said hello