Plans for building an MMA cage?

I want to build an octagon cage for use in MMA shows. Anyone know where I can find plans or blueprints?


Ring and Cages .com $7,500.00

"Well plan on changing the shape from an octagon to something else, or the Dana will have his hounds find you."

Good advice. Follow it

Our Promotion Just Purchased a Cage From Rings And Cages .Com! it has six sides so no problems with the UFC. Thing is BEATIFUL AND WELL Under THE COST OF EVERYONE ELSE!!! we shopped around believe me Qaulity was better than the JUNK we Rented!! Built by some Iron worker who is a huge Fight Fan.

By far not an iron worker haha. Built by a former pro wrestler, pro mma fighter, promoter and instructor that retired and still has a huge passion for the sport. Working closely with rings and cages since 1995, TONS of different designs, took what i liked and what I didn't like, altered them to meet MY specifications and expectations and there ya go. A cage that is stronger than anything else out there, easy to put together and backed with a warranty for a lower price than anyone else out there.

My expectations in a ring and cage are very high, if it doesn't meet my expectations then why should it meet yours? You get the strength of a pro wrestling ring in a cage and I promise you, you won't put near the amount of damage on a cage than you do a wrestling ring.

I just don't feel the need to rip a customer off. I have a full time career in the medical field so I don't have to charge you an arm and a leg for a cage or a ring. Building cages keeps me close to the sport and keeps me busy and happy.

There are great companies out there building cages. What you get with Rings and Cages is personal 1 on 1 service, education on your purchase, warranty, strength, and the lowest price out there you can find.

Problem with selling blueprints is not the blueprints, it's how YOU construct it. Insurance companies would eat us alive. You could follow my directions step by step but if your welds are off, steel isn't quality etc...your cage just became a liability for the company, you as a teacher/promoter and for anyone that gets into it. The other problem is basically selling a blueprint for someone else to start building cages using your design. There are plenty of factors in it but on my end, my insurance would have a problem with it.


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