PlasticMan vs. Reed Richards

who wins?

In everything that matters....Reed Richards

plas by anything he wants.....

 Plas is a lot more creative.

plastic man ftw


if reed gets to fuck around with his lab for awhile before the fight happens he's got a shot, but in a straight up fight its not even a contest. plastic man is waaaaaay more powerful

PM by virtue of his wife not fucking AquaFag.

Reed by Whatever crazy raygun he pulls out of his ass this month.

Reed by Deus Ex Machina device.

Isn't Plastic Man supposed to be one of the most powerful characters in the DCU?

I've seen him do massive stuff and I recall Reed passing out from being stretched by Hulk or some other strong fucker.

And everyone knows Yukk could fuck em both up.

Richards is a genius AND has similar powers.


Dirty Cake - Richards is a genius AND has similar powers.


Richards is a genius but his powers/abilities do not even come close to Plastic Man.

Plas seems essentially immortal, he got chopped up into little bits in GA:BC and was fine, he'd take reed with ease in a straight up fight, with tech involved, reed all day

Plas can make complex mechanical shapes and generate amazing amounts of force. Reed can only win if he has prep time.

Anyway Luffy would wipe out the pair of them :)