Play as the Way 2 review

I finished watching the entire PAW2 set (for the first time) just a few
minutes ago. My first comment is that I wish I had a teacher like Luis
when I was a kid! His enthusiasm for teaching and caring for the
students comes across during every minute of the footage.

I had purchased PAW1 shortly after it was first released as I was very
interested in how Luis structured his MMA curriculum for kids (have
you seen the competition footage of his students?). I fell in love with
his philosophy for coaching and was left, as many others were, wanting
more specifics on his curriculum. Luis obviously listened and has now
invested a lot of time, thought and energy into producing this set to
help school owners and teachers.

I have been working in a martial arts school for 20 years and running
one full time on my own for over 17 years. There are a lot of great
ideas on the set that I can implement right away. People who are new
to coaching kids and/or are teaching a TMA curriculum to kids will
likely get even more out of the set.

Thanks Luis.

Your new set is PAWfect!

(sorry, i couldn’t resist)


Best Karate

"I wish I had a teacher like Luis when I was a kid"

Forget about being a kid, I wish I had Luis as a teacher now!

Great review Mike

Yes I agree It would be awesome t have Luis as a teacher


I don't think the techniques are as important as the concept that is displayed on this set.

Luis shows how there needn't be a trade off between being precise and creating fun and excitement whilst 'teaching' children. Besides you're not really teaching them, but rather providing that environment where they can explore the possibilities and develop along their own individual path.

Furthermore Luis deals with gym management: creating the environment throughout the entire gym, not just confining the PAW methodology to the mats. He also shows how to improve the child's learning curve by getting the parents on board with the attitude and environment you're striving to create. And it's for this material that the DVD is spot on!


Thanks much guys.

The most prevelant observations being made and sent my way on PAW 2 is how structured and detailed the actual material is within our curriculum.

Colm is correct in stating that compromises need not be made on details and performance as long as they each rest on the philosophy behind the entire method.

Remember as children when regardless of the hours spent active in play or imagination, we could go on little food or sleep as long as we had what it was we were into? Well the same goes for adults. Do what you love in a manner that expresses that love and you will get amazing results and no matter the workload or efforts involved....for it will not be work...but play.


This series ROCKS!