played Doom3 beta 2.0

So I just played all E3 maps of Doom3 beta 2.0

What's the big deal about this game? There are a few repetative monsters, dark tonnels and a few stupid cutscenes. When u kill the monsters, they don't even have rag doll physics when they fall, just killed 2 of the same zombies side by side and they were laying exacly the same. Environment isn't destructible at all, not even glass. Same with monsters, when you shoot them no holes appear, just red spots.

So there is a few lights swinging in the hallway, wow dynamic lighting has never been done before, who are they kidding.

Very disappointed, I thought Doom 3 would be this ground breaking, jaw dropping FPS. I know this is only a beta, but it should at least show promise, it doesn't at all.

Far Cry was way more impressive.

Uh oh. Shit......

I think they were aiming for feel and spookiness is Doom 3 rather than breakthrough gameplay.

And dynamic lighting has been done before, but I've never seen it done this well.

If you want destructible environments and such, I think half life is your game.

Dude, the "beta" is YEARS old and was NEVER intended to be released. Destructable environments, ragdoll physics, etc. have all been added since then.

The "beta" is also nothing more than the alpha with some user-created maps.

Did your "beta" have 3 E3 maps in it too?

Are there any vids out there from this year's E3? I'd like to compare.

how you think you can judge what the finished product will be by it's beta is beyond me.

Really jonwell? I played the beta versions of the SNES versions of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II Turbo....both very close to the final product.

I can judge very easily, beta should show some promise, if it doesn't, final may not be much different.

There is a trailer for the XBox version from this year's E3 which is entirely gameplay and VERY creepy. You can probably find it on fileplanet.

Don't you guys realize that it was a LEAK, it was never intended for realease, it was only built to take a few screenshots with in the early days of DOOM3. Judging it is ridiculous.

After the leak, Carmack posted this on slashdot:

No, this was not leaked on purpose.

Making any judgements from a snapshot intended for a non-interactive demo is ill advised.

John Carmack

"it was wery cweepy" oook..

I got that xbox trailer, wasn't impressive at all. Check out Resident Evil 4 or Silent Hill 4 trailers they're both way "cweepier" and "scawy"

Anyhow, I checked out ign, gamespy, gamespot and their E3 awards and Doom 3 was only found in the "Most Disappointing Absence".

Aren't they releasing it this summer? Why wouldn't u show at least a PC trailer at E3? and of course Carmack is going to say that, he wants the game to be sold on they mystery hype not on what they can already show.

Dude, the big games sites all got to play it and they all said it was scary, and complete with all the stuff that id says is in it. The guy from IGN, I believe, when reviewing the XBox playtest said he actually dropped the controller at one point because he was so freaked out.

Although if you don't think it's scary, then I can't argue with you.

And the reason they didn't do a PC demo was because they are busy trying to get it finished up.

Also, why would you doubt id or Carmack? Have they EVER put out a game that was less than fantastic? Have they ever not redefined fps games with every title they publish? I don't understand why people would be so negative on them, they have one of the best reputations in the business.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see if the final version of Doom 3 will be that much more different than a leak demo and if it will live up to hype.

I was just expecting to at least peek at something that wasn't "less than fantastic" and something that "redefined fps games". I didn't see either. There wasn't that WOW that you get from playing something "redefining" and "fantastic".

Hopefully final will be good.

DOOM3 = summer.

Curious- has the beta been officially released yet?

Two big questions for you guys:

Doom 3, Xbox, when?


Will there be a co-op option?

Axl_Rose - DOOM3 will be out on the XBox shortly after the PC version.. They already had it playable at E3, so it's getting close. And yes, it will support XBox live and co-op.

jonwell- NO. The only thing that came out was the leaked alpha years ago. The "beta" is the same code as the alpha, just repackaged by some fans with some maps that they made.