Played Omaha by mistake

Went to sit down at a 10 man $10/1 no limit tournament last night at was shocked to see I was dealt 4 cards.

I thought it was some kind of software bug and maybe I had some kind of advantage. First hand I held A,A,4,6 and proceeded to lose 1/3 of my stack to a str8.

Next hand and I'm dealt another 4 cards. Now I'm thinking the software is really messed up but play the hand anyway with 4 diamonds in my pocket thinking 1 more could make a flush (very stupid looking back). I lost again.

3rd hand I fold while trying to work out what the hell is going on and it's then I notice Omaha at the top of the screen. I run to get a poker book fold my hands while I learn the basic rules.

After that everyone was trying to break me. Luckily I had a few good hands, resumed my normal aggressive style of play and believe it or not went on to win the game.

Think I will play more Omaha in the future :)

I've played Omaha before. I just flat out can't get my head around the game. I know a lot of pros like it alot, because the pots tend to be larger, but I think I'll stick to hold'em and stud.

I love it. Check out Winning Omaha 8 by Tenner/Krieger. It's a big help. So is the Wilson turbo software for Omaha.

I did that once at a multi-table game. I was suprised when I made it to the first break.