Played Space Rangers 2?

Great game, I picked it up for $40Au, and it's just really addictive.

It's like the old Elite, but in 2d perspective from above.

There's tons to do, and heaps of really mad old school mini-games. Lots of space trading and upgraing to do on your ship etc. It's a diamond in the rough.

I bought it, and couldn't get into it.

Every mission I accepted either had me trying to fly to some place that was too far away for me to get their in time, or trying to defend a transport that got blown up by the kamikaze pirates, who focused all firepower on that ship even as I was blasting at their ship.

I can understand that, but kudos for actually giving it a crack dude.

I've managed to get pretty far and it is a good diversion from Oblivion/BFME2 and Heroes 5 which I'm playing at the mo'.