Players That Annoy You?

What players on your home team get on your nerves?

What other players around the league annoy the piss out of you?

That one faggot who pretended to juggle testicles that he doesn't have. He's teammates with this other faggot who's got an egghead and likes to bully the media around by flushing powder in their eyes so they don't see him miss the easy plays. ;)

Why do you hate America holmes?

They enslaved my people.

The player on my team that makes me curse the loudest is Shaq, as he bricks free throw after free throw.

lol not the greatest passer i've seen either

on my team... 'toine

on another team... doug christie

I want to sock Karl Malone in his jaw and run.

Chris Webber

LOL @ dan and slick

home team - steve francis and cuttino mobley

other team - Karl Malone


elsewhere in the NBA: Vlade "super bitch" Divac

anyone the Lakers team .


Devean George

Lebron James

Kobe. Acts like a jackass after every shot, making faces and crouch running with his hands moving about so everyone knows what a big shot he is. Of course, poor winners make the sorest losers, so after getting beat last year he cries like rape girl.

Kenyon Martin, hooting and hollering, pulling his jersey aside so everyone can read his tattoo. being a bitch.

Kobe is an arragant racist. Shaq it is a fatass. Karl Malone elbows. Rick Fox is a, that says a lot about you

I am annoyed that Kobe tries so hard to sound like Michael Jordan. What a poser/wannabe.