playing far 1/2 guard with GI

I am a big fan of the 1/2 guard (which I am sure everyone here knows by now). Anyway, I have been starting to play a lot of "quarter guard" and far 1/2 guard (knee between you and the oppenant like a scissor sweep- with just feet crossed) where you grip the oppenants opposite arm sleave.
Does anyone here play this type of 1/2 guard and have any good tips??

Can you explain what the quarter guard is?

quarter guard is fancy name for a far 1/2 guard. Its basically where you have your knee between your oppenant like a scissor sweep. When your oppenant grabs through your legs to pass you trap his arm by grabing the sleave tight to your hip. Your knee that was blocking diagonally (scissor sweep position) switchs to vertically blocking your oppenant. (you still have your grip on your oppenants sleave).


Gotcha, I didnt know that was called the 1/4 guard


I considered it all 1/2 guard but gustavo machado called it 1/4 guard on his DVD.

Try threatening aggressively with the kimura and see what it sets up.

Also, register on the SBG forum ( ... forum somewhere) and you'll see one thread that has a complete game from this type of half guard. It's quite extensive!

Trevor, what other grips does Gustavo go through on this DVD? I used to like this position, but lately I am getting my legs stuffed and subsequently my guard passed.

sample clip

An old, interesting question I just spotted on my threads, this is.

The "far half guard" is my half guard game (scissored leg position), and one of my strongest positions.

What questions do you have about it?

Basically which moves you do like to do from there? I play from there a lot but get too defensive, I think.

I am able to take the back 90% of the time.

When my partner places his weight on me, I will butterfly/flower sweep him over me.

When he stalls, I will either get up to my hand and sweep him backwards, or I will triangle him.

If he overcommits his near arm, I will attack it. Sometimes I attack it because I want to finish, but more often I want him to move it across my body (because in doing that, he armdrags himself and I can take the back again).

Nice tips from twinkle. I play here a lot too, I have a nice armdrag series I use to take the back or sweep when he counters.

Also, when he sits back, there is a kneebar/sweep combo on the far side that is surprisingly high percentage.



Because of the way I play the position, I do not attack the far leg. Instead, I defend centerline for all I'm worth, and keep his weight on his far leg instead.

That's cool, Chris...I'm pretty sure I know what you mean about protecting the centerline. The far leg sweep I am talking about opens itself when they lean way back, you kind of go inverted, threading your top leg behind his far know the one I mean? Kind of weird to describe, I'll see if I can dig up a clip somewhere. Anyway, it's definitely not my first attack from there, but it works very well with the right timing. Doesn't everything! :)



Let me be really specific about "protecting centerline". I think you know what I mean, but let's talk about "why" (especially for others reading this).

When you are on top of halfguard, what is your major priority? INHIBITING MY MOVEMENT.

HG can be a 50/50 kind of position...moreso than many others. The top man really needs to keep control.

How will you accomplish this? KEEP MY HIPS AND SHOULDERS DOWN.


If I can keep your weight on the near side and not allow you to cross the center of my body, my far shoulder and hip stay mobile. That means that the outer side of my body is free to move (which is why taking the back is so natural from here).

So what do I do? I KEEP YOUR HEAD ON THE SAME SIDE AS YOUR LEGS. You do not get to cross my centerline.

You will TRY to cross centerline. When you do, it will be in predictable ways. And that is when I attack.

That is how I play my HG, and how I control centerline when I am there.



How do you get a triangle from there. Anytime I use it (and I like it quite a bit) the guys stays so far back and can't imagine releasing the pressure and being able to attack the neck like that


Which part of the triangle are you asking about? Are you wondering about the entry, the control, or the finish?