playing games on friday night

why does this always come up? Obviously there are some kiddies who find this insulting. I am happy as hell to get to play on friday nights. When I was young all I cared about was women, weed and beer. In that order too. Now I am too old for weed to be any fun and I just mostly wanna be left alone. So enjoy your friday nights little kiddies because all I want is a beer and to be left tf alone. When they drop, you will understand what it is to be a man.

I find most people who make the "Why are you playing games on a friday nite? Get a girlfriend," statement don't actually have a girlfriend anyway. They're at a bar on friday nite, drinking coors light and hitting on the trash left over by more successful males who don't have to meet drunk girls.

Somehow this is more socially acceptable than doing something you really enjoy... I never understood it.

I agree....I spar saturday mornings anyway so I usually chill out friday nights. perfect WoW time

"Well, I had better speak to this as I made the comment"

nah, you're just the one that refreshed it in my memory. It's been stated and restated thousands of times amongst all games. FPS, MMO, you name it. I've always found it funny. Kind of like well so and so can kick your ass so he must be right. If being able to win a fight made a person right, then Mike Tyson would be Albert Einstein lol. Just one of those statements people make that I find funny and amusing.

Why are you playing games on a friday nite? Get a girlfriend

Because my wife is preggers and would be very upset with me if I found a gf. Plus it would be too expensive. Even if I weren't married, I'd rather play WoW and go get a message with a happy ending. Is that wrong? :-)

zomg happy ending ftw

I wasn't referring to you specifically, Canuck, since I don't know you. Having just read that thread, the statement you made was fresh in my mind.

"LMAO @ you old losers"

Yeah poor me. I am forced to spend my friday nights drinking beer, smoking cigars and playing video games without female interference. Poor, poor me. lol @ you dumbass kids.


Today is my day off from the girl, and I pretty much spend all of it drinking, eating, and playing games. It's my favorite day of the week.

I remember playing games with Pun on Friday nights and making fun of everyone that joined our room...once :-(

It's not my fault TRJ, SoCOM3 just sucks ass. We will make children cry once again in another game down the road I am sure.

and tell that porch monkey Reggie to drop the 40 and get a job.

Reggie got his debit card...he dont need no job nigga!!!

Its friday and I have to go to the gym.

But if I could just select "quick train" and spend 15 hours playing oblivion, I would. Halfway to a full suit of Ebony armor.