Playing heads up

Hey guys,

I've started playing a bit more NL lately with friends. I've having all sorts of problem playing heads up poker. It doesn't matter how I play heads up it seems that I've been in a slump lately playing with 2 players left. In all of these situations I've gone in the chip leader having anywhere from 60-95% of the chips and coming out the loser each time. I'm not sure what's up but no matter how I play my hands I seem to get them broken consistently or when I check to the end cause I have nothing I end up losing. I'm starting to get a little frustrated. Anyways it seems that more times than not I get called on any play I make no matter how good my cards are or my opponent just mirrors what I do. Any help would be much appreciated.

Also PR thanks for your email addy. I'm going to drop you a line this week as I've been a little busy all week.

Like it or not there is SOME element of luck in heads up poker. It isn't the most important factor, but with 2 equally matched skilled players, the cards will probably determine the outcome. Key words are "equally skilled" that doesn't happen alot of the time.

Basically comes down to experience I guess. Also being aggressive helps a lot. Aggressive, but if the other guy fights back, tone it down a little.

Also the biggest thing I have seen is let the other guy hang himself. Wait for a MONSTER hand (full house, etc) and slow play and let the guy try to be the aggressor. This is usually how I get screwed in a heads up game.

Play some online SnG's and Heads up matches, that will help you out. Good luck.

jman thanks. the thing is that i believe i played my hands properly. out of the 20 some odd tourneys i've played in in all but one i've finished first or second. the guys i play against we started together but i'm catching on a lot sooner than them.

today for instance was just horrible. had about 90% of chips. caught trips on the flop (I was holding a pair of 10's). checked and he made a big bet. i knew he was bluffing and raised, he pushed all in and i called. he had ace 8. catches 2 aces in a row.

a couple of hands later i catch 2 pair on the flop. again i check. he calls all in. i was sure he had low or middle pair so i call. he had an ace high. catches running aces again!
final hand we were about even after some serious battling. i catch a straight on the flop and call all in. he catches running cards again for a flush. man it just hurts.

the thing is it's been like that for the last 3 times i've finished second. i would love to have waited for the full house but we didn't see one today so i played what i had.

The key to HU play is being 1 step ahead of yr opponent, in terms of how you have been playing and what it represents to him, in combination with the cards you have been dealt.

The key to HU play, put another way, is largely in your ability to represent more cards to your opponent than you actually hold.

Yes, I know: some of you who don't know the game will huff and guffaw.

For the more thoughtful among you, who don't already know what I'm saying, think about what I said. If you can figure out what it means, it will help you tremendously, not just when you play somebody but in knowing who to play.

Obviously, your ideal opponent is someone who represents only the cards he actually holds, at most.