Playing Tomb Raider - First Thoughts

Got a preview copy of the game through work. Was expecting something like a sexy Far Cry 3, but instead it's kind of like AC3 with Guns mixed with the TV Show Lost. It's good, but like living through a movie would be good, if you couldn't get around having to live through a ton of very specific plot points. It's not completely on rails, cuz you can always go hunting and exploring for lost artifacts, but on the whole is not what I was expecting.

If you have any questions, ask away.

ps - if you haven't already, go to youtube and look up the Clueless Gamer Series and Conan's take on Tomb Raider. Good stuff.

IGN said Multiplayer was kind of a waste of time that true? As well from reading your post I take that if you liked AC 3 Tomb Raider would be a good buy then?

Yeah, worth playing and for the most part a review of 86 seems about right. It won't blow you away, but it's a solid game where you get to watch a hot chick constantly walk right in front of you.

if its anything like Uncharted i will be happy...looked pretty good in demos n YT play :) preorderd it tonight as a matter of fact.

still playing FarCry 3 that i bought a week ago