Here's my Odds To Win The NBA Championship for the Western Conference. Feel free to do the East and to add whatever you like.

1. San Antonio- the clear favorites at this point. They're playing extremely well down the stretch, have the experience, and play the best D. ODDS- 2 in 5

2. (tie) L.A. Lakers- It's going to come down to what it always does. Will Shaq be in his mega-dominant form of their title years, or the intermittently dominant form he's displayed this season. No matter what anyone else does he's the key figure. He seems to age two years for every one he plays tho'. ODDS- 1 in 4

2. (tie) Minnesota- The offseason acquisitions payed off, and they can now hang with anyone talent-wise. KG will deservedly win the MVP. Still have never been past the first round- Cassell has a lot of playoff experience. Still, tough to make that big a jump. ODDS- 1 in 4

4. Sac Kings- playing like crap down the stretch, after a brilliant first 60 games. Definately have the talent and the experience, but can they ratchet up their D enough to win a series against, say, the Spurs? They could still regain their chemistry and make a run, but it doesn't look good against this powerful field. Will my exhortations to God be of any help? ODDS- 1 in 8

5. Dallas Mavericks- same old story- great O, no D. I think the Van Exel trade hurts them in the playoffs- he was the only "killer" on the team. They can still get hot, but I don't see them getting thru this field. ODDS- 1 in 12

6. Memphis- arguably better than Dallas, but there's a huge gulf in experience. It's next to impossible to come from being a lottery team to being a real playoff force in one year. They've got the depth and coaching, but I think they need a year to two of playoff seasoning to be truly dangerous. Also don't have a true superstar to carry them, tho Gasol is very good. ODDS- 1 in 15

7. Houston- nice to see Yao in the playoffs, where I expect him to be for the next 10 years. Still, he's not experienced enough, and the team doesn't play together well enough, for them to make a run. Check back next year. ODDS- 1 in 8 bajillion

8. Denver- nice to see Melo in the playoffs, where I expect him to be for the next 10 years. Melo is good enough right now to win them a game, but they're just too young to make noise yet. ODDS- 1 in 8 bajillion

Minnesota 0 in 4

uh, I typed quite a bit there fellas.....


Laker or Spurs vs. Pistons or Pacers

carry on

I will HTML the brackets when finalized. This is going to be an interesting playoffs.