Playstation 20th anniversary

Anyone else watching some of this? Supposed to be a bunch of cool stuff on their twitch channel this weekend starting with a bunch of reveals this afternoon. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I will be checking it out. Want to see some Uncharted.

i just like to see uncharted 4 realtime playable to see what is actually possible on a ps4. for once i like to be blown away again by something that you think aint possible on a console or pc yet. and naughty dog comes out and prove us all wrong.

I want to see what they have got coming up. Supposed to have announcements that are bigger than the SF exclusive.

There supposedly opening with uncharted 4. That bodes well for the conference. I'm trying to keep expectations in check but this one seems like "it" might be happening. Perhaps that awesome e3 gif would be appropriate. Phone Post 3.0

im happy with STreet Fighter! one of my all time Faves!

come on last guardian crosses fingers and toes

Gracie killar - come on last guardian crosses fingers and toes
Lol, so I'm not alone, I don't want to jinx it but I think they show something today. Phone Post 3.0

No sir we stand united as one wanting to see the last guardian!

I still think the last guardian ties into Shadow of the Colossus somehow. Phone Post 3.0

Same playstation keynote starts at 1pm eastern on twitch here is the full schedule:


just watched the uncharted 4 trailer and although it didnt blew me away like i hoped to. there is some stuff in it that is pretty remarklble. like the draw distance is incredible. face upclose looks incredible. some animations look great. but also some animations look rough.

that said it all comes down to, is this game really 60 frames a second and 1080p. if they can manage that feat. then it is indeed incredible and look far better then anything else which si 1080p and 60 frames asecond. if not 60 but 30 then i dont find it very impressive in total.

Street fighter 5 gameplay trailer looks very nice though. even in early stage. animation looks much better then street fighter 4.

I am happy that FF 7 is getting released on the 4. This was a very solid showing by Sony imo.

That was an epic troll. Everyone's expecting the FF 7 remake and then bam
port. Lol, that stung, who thought doing that was a good idea. Phone Post 3.0

Until Dawn, Uncharted, Bloodborne, No Mans Sky and that Finch game all seems very cool. Phone Post 3.0

I want to play FF 7 again but yes it was a nice troll job. All the games you mentioned bonersaurus are looking amazing. I will throw in Shovel Knight since I have been wanting to play that game.

i was at the PSX. over the weekend. so many nerds, i didnt know what was going on. evertime they introduced something they all started screaming and cheering. i was falling asleep. so after 2 hours of these gay ass intros. we finally go to go into the gaming area. i only played Battlefield Hardline (that game is fun, i will buy) and FIFA 15 (which i already own)

i made a very short video that i put on my facebook. ill upload to youtube.

i cant get it to upload..heres the FB link