Playstation 4 Underground Xmas Kid

A forum member who wishes to remail anonymous (THANK YOU) has provided 150 bucks for a playstation for 11-year-old Santiago Hernandez!!! I am so grateful.

For those of you who didn't see the thread, the details are copied below:

On 11/6 I reffed at Kipp Kollar’s NAGA Chicago. Throughout the first day, we were assisted by dozens of volunteers from Master Bob Schirmer’s Combat-Do. Among these good people was 11-year-old Santiago Hernandez, and his mother Mary Ellen.

That night Santiago went home, and there witnessed the death of his father in their home. The next day Santiago returned, entered, fought, and won his division; he placed the Gold medal in his dad’s coffin.

 The training at Combat-Do has been turning Santiago’s life around, burning fat to muscle, a taunted, sometimes haunted life to one of respect. He trains in MMA, has competed in San Shou, as well as the IKF tournament in Florida, The Arnold’s in Ohio, and NAGA tournaments.

I am asking our community to make his Christmas as bright as possible.

The family, already of very modest means, is now devastated. Anything you could do can make a real difference. If you own a sportswear company, a tshirt sent across the country could let Santiago know he has people who know and care, everywhere. Even a small paypal donation could be dinner.

The effort is being handled by Combat-Do. There is no overhead. This Christmas, every penny goes straight to a boy, who loves and trains in what we do, from whom too much has been asked and taken. He is only 11. Checks or christmas gifts can be sent to:
Santiago Hernandez
C/o Combat-Do
2138 S 61st Ct
Cicero, IL 60804-2017

To donate via paypal, please use the button below



Seriously a couple of bucks can make a real difference, especially if several people all pitch in. This is not a wealthy family at all.


Used games acceptable?

I will go ahead and send him a copy of Pride FC if so.

We are more than willing to help. To whomever donated the PS2 e-mail me at you will remain anonymous.

Its a playstation 2 right

Yea, I thought I had missed playstation 3...

What is this, cruel and unusual punishment? You shoulda sprung for an XBOX with Halo 2!!

That's pretty cool.




I have some used games that I would love to send if hat would be
alright - I dont have a lot of money but I would like to help out if



santiago is a great kid. its so nice to see the support from this community.

god bless you all.

Ill dig around and find him something cool. I really enjoy hearing of kids who have MA in their lives and it has or is making a difference.

Too bad it wasnt an xbox, I have more then 300 games

Paypal address is

Thanks to all!

I sent a couple bucks through PayPal. Was "quasi-cash" the right item to select for the transaction?

I'll encourage others to send in donations as well.