Playstation 4 Underground Xmas Kid

A couple of bucks can really make a difference,
especially if we all get behind it!

Just sent him some gear! Hope that encourages him to continue his training! He is a great kid and his mom is always working hard at the tournaments!



Thanks to all!!!

If you email me the address and information to I will donate a sports game that I have(Madden 2004) if that is okay.

Fearless Goat


does the boy have a DVD player? I will send a dozen Pride DVDs, anything I have laying around the house MMA related, and I will buy some things for him.

This is really a time when people should be grateful and thankful for what they have. I dont know what I would do if something ever happened to my father. He is like a best friend to me. I hope Santiago is doing well.

Let me know if he has a DVD and VHS player? They could be of more importance to him than they are to me. I will ship it all out by Christmas.

Fearless Goat

i dont know how to do that paypal stuff, whats his address i will send some videogames and anything else i can find

thats awesome

well if he has a playstation 2...that can play DVDs as well...i guess i answered my own questions...will be sending stuff out later this week.

Fearless Goat

Holy shit... this kid is fucking awesome.


Chris Palmquist admitted to donating the money on another thread. That is very cool, but don't mislead people into thinking that he wanted to remain "anonymous".

I admitted to what? I'm not the person who donated the money, so I'm not sure what you are talking about.

Through the crazy holidays I missed this thread somehow. will put a package together and send it out. A little after New Years gift....

Man, thats a sad story and how he competed and won is pretty inspiring. I'd love to donate our new DVD to him. Can I get his mailing address.