Please check out my new drawing of Cain Velasquez

He has kind of a big fight coming up. Anyway... I just finished drawing him. Hope you guys like it.

As always awesome work


Nice... always enjoyed your artwork.

f@cking, wow man.

it's beautiful


Looks like a straight up Terminator. That's fucking awesome.

Dope Phone Post


 That's one scary motherfucker. Great work as usual.

Pretty badass.

Awesome, as always.

Just wow... Phone Post

Great job! Phone Post

Awesome dude. Now when u gonna spend some time on my creepy drawing ;) Phone Post

Jk great job Phone Post

Outstanding nipple work.
Could tell it was Cain before I scrolled up and saw the face.

 Beautiful job Evan!!!

I spend 10 seconds trying to see whether or not it was actually a real picture!

Nice work. Phone Post

That's incredible man, well done. You should send it to him. Phone Post

Why is there a Mexican flag in the back? Phone Post