please do not click on this thread

If you clicked on this thread, then you must definitely be concerned with the crazy shit that's been going on with my life lately, and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for that.

But if you clicked on this thread, and you're not concerned with my well being, even though it says "please don't click on this thread", then you may have unresolved childhood issues. There is help out there, and it's very affordable. But the first step is admitting it. DO NOT read the rest of this thread, click off it right now, this thread does not concern you, thank you.

Well anyways, as most of you have read on the ug lately, I have been getting death threats in Portuguese from the brazilian jiu jitsu community because of my flip floppin personality. My life has been threatened, my students have been threatened and my family have all had their lives threatened by some anonymous Brazilians, most notably "porrada" from the ug. Even the love of my life, my ex-fiancé, has been threatened, but luckily she is staying with her ex-boyfriend right now, moose. He's huge and has Aryan prison connections, so I'm not really too worried about her safety as much as mine right now, he's a way cool dude.

For the safety of my loved ones and especially for the mutha fuckin safety of me, I am now severing all ties with the brazilian jiu jitsu community, and that includes dropping all gi classes.

All this insanity coupled with the fact that catch wrestling legend billy wicks has opened my eyes to the history of catch wrestling, has made me re-think what my style really is, catch wrestling.

Think about it, the twister is a catch wrestling move, the twister is what I'm known for, the twister is the only move I teach that works in mma, billy wicks thinks I'm way more of a catch wrestler than a bjj player, my base is wrestling, B. Brian Blair was a huge influence as a kid, and I love carnivals. Believe it or not, even those toothless ride operators on meth have had an impact on my grappling in one way or another.

After being confused about what style I really am for the last week, it has become crystal clear today what I really am. I am a true catch wrestler.

I also want to publicly apologize to tony c. for totally misunderstanding his integrity, for laughing at some of his moves while watching his "lost art of hooking" tapes, and for accusing him of posting under multiple fake screen names to promote himself and bash his competition, please forgive me. We should definitely have a couple of brews if we run into each other at some catch tournery in the future.

Not only will I be removing "jiu jitsu" from my academy's name and replacing it with "catch wrestling", I will also be dropping the "kingdom" part too. The kingdom part represented the recapturing of my faith. The lord soured into my life like a comet recently and he was the main reason for the "coming clean" thread. And it also kind of had a 'dominating empire' feel to it too, so it sounded perfect for a martial arts academy. For a little while at least.

I thought that by coming clean, the baby jesus would bring happiness into my life and endless joy. But nothing like that has happened. As a matter of fact nothing but chaos has followed my honesty, and now my faith has pretty much dwindled away into the depths of hades. I'm in a very cold place right now.

I prayed and prayed, night after night after lonely night, over the last week and a half. Praying that the lord would bring my ex-fiancé back into to me. But nothing; Absofuckinglutely nothing like that has happened. I'm talking at least 50 'Our Fathers' every night, along with a shit load of 'sign of the crosses', and I'm way too embarrassed to admit how many 'hail marys' I threw in for a goof. I actually developed water on the knee from all my prayers, no joke, I'll even post the medical papers if anyone thinks I'm bullshitting. It totally fucked my training for days.

It's pretty fucking obvious that god does not care about me. Who knows, maybe my fake wanna-be-rockstar image was way too much for even him. Think about it, he does hates heavy metal, (ozzy, dio and molly hatchett are to blame for that), so maybe it's too late to repent after all ?

My babycakes won't return my calls, texts, and emails. When I knock on moose's front door, there is never an answer even though I sometimes hear her moaning and weeping for me. She pretends like she's not home, probably because she knows she couldn't resist me if she saw me, I don't blame the kid really.
She's trying to sue me for image rights and half of my academy's revenue, AND even though it still says "In A Relationship" on her myspace, she mutha fuckin took me off her top 8! Which leaves me a bit confused as to why she's claiming 'relationship'???? (but at least she didn't replace me with some dude that wants to fuck her, she put her best friend moose in my spot)

Right now my life is in a very desolate place. I'm lost in a vast wasteland of despair and lovelessness. Rivers of evil and hate carve away at this planet of darkness that I call home. The new name of my academy will be "dark planet catch wrestling". My new website is in the process of being built, it will be done sometime this week.

So long to the brazilian jiu jitsu community, it has been fun but evolution is calling.

-lil dinosaur

Don't give up on the Lord, brother. He does not always give us what we want, but ALWAYS provides what we need. You may have needed to sever some ties and free yourself of some bonds that were holding you back. As you clean up your own house, you will find a renewed sense of stregnth and well being which will enable you to go places you may not have been able to before. Don't be disheartened and if you ever need someone to vent to, don't hesitate!



Do catch wrestlers consider the buttscoot as a valid takedown?

Eddie, as long as your happy dude, fuck'em. Either way you go, you've had a HUGE impact on the sport.



losign interest rapidly in 10th Planet BS


There can only be two interpratations of this and all the other stuff that has been going on.

  1. It's true and you need to get off the net and really evaluate what is going on in your life. That is alot of sh?t to go through.

  2. It's fake and a troll. In this case you guys have way too much time on your hands. This is some pretty creative stuff going from No-Gi to Kingdom JJ to whatever it is now. I can definately see you as a comedic writer cause this is some funny stuff.

Either way, good luck.



I do not know you and I know you are just trolling/marketing. This being said I do care about you as a fellow BJJ grappler. I would hate to see anything happen to anyone part of BJJ community.

"For the safety of my loved ones and especially for the mutha fuckin safety of me, I am now severing all ties with the brazilian jiu jitsu community, and that includes dropping all gi classes.

All this insanity coupled with the fact that catch wrestling legend billy wicks has opened my eyes to the history of catch wrestling, has made me re-think what my style really is, catch wrestling."


Eddie while you are taking trolling to whole another level do you not think enough is enough and too much is just too much?

You are risking taking it too far to the point where people who respect you and your opinions no longer take you seriously/trust you. Kind of makes me wonder what your own teacher JJ Machado would think about all this...

You have managed to get good publicity and I am sure you can turn it to $$$$. However this kind of sarcastic marketing can easily turn against person doing it (well I hope you you have specific plan why you are just doing all this but seriously if you doing all these threads just for the sake of trolling then Eddie - you are losing respect fast)

I have to go now to train Jiu-Jitsu. Take care.


attention whore

Your mom didn't hug you very much did she?

WTF?? so u came clean to the world and ur girl dumped u cuz of it?? and wants rights to your immage and school?? she sounds like a dumb bitch to me....

you guys have way to much dramma to have a good place to train right have accompleshed alot in bjj or whatever u choose to call it....

god still loves ya...remember he works in his own way...

just be yourself..look and ali..he gave up alot for his belifes..and i admire him for standing strong in who he is....

as long as your honest with yourself things will be cool....

I can't believe any of you are actually thinking this is legit.

go away

I think it's legit. If I'm a sucker and being trolled, so be it.

Eddie, I have been reluctant to believe you. I apologize if I've caused you pain from sarcastic remarks.

Someone got a hold of some very potent pot!!!! Time to exhale Mr. Bravo!

Hillarious thread

I don't know if you're serious or not, but whatever you decide, I'm sure the MMA community will support you. If it's fake, it's ridiculous; if it's real, the whole situation is equally ludicrous (and sometimes it's hard to tell which is stranger) - but best of luck to you, and I hope you get what it is you're looking for.

LMFAO, you are rediculous