Please explain to me how.....

......a guy who is 107 for 111 in saves the last two years does NOT win an arbitration case???

Gagne made $550,000 last year, the Dodgers should be embarassed they even went to arbitration. Granted, he'll make $5 mil this year, but they should have had him write down a number, and fucking paid it. 63 straight gets you a negotiation and arbitration period, what does 40 straight get you??? Released??

it's the position....more and more people are coming to the conclussion that the closer position is the most over rated position in baseball!

As an overall postion, I would not totally dismiss that thought. But far and away the most dominant closer in the game for the last two years?? You can't overrate 107-111, it is what it is.

two words dude-

all-star game

and all-star is hyphenated lol

Rivera: 68 saves in 78 chances in 2002 & 2003.

Gagne: 107 saves in 111 chances in 2002 & 2003.

Although Rivera is phenomenal in the postseason, he's above average the first 162 games of the year. Over the last two seasons, Gagne has been much better.

i think based purely on potential i would definitely take Rivera as my closer.

however the concept of potential does not equal past reality which would mean if i were to go back in time the last two seasons and pick a closer it would easily be Gagne

Somehow kempo makes sense.

Gagne is #1 right now.

think about it this way, rivera won his arbitration case in the mid 90s and he got just over 4m in it...the defense the dodgers used was that gagne didnt deserve much more than riviera got in his arbit. case

As a Yankee fan, your opinion is horribly biased, and does not count.

Gagne is the best closer in baseball. I'm not even sure Rivera is #2.

And LOL @ the All-Star game being the big stage and meaning anything. I remember Rivera being on the big stage, and giving up 5 hits in the 9th to lose the World Series........

I remember Rivera being on the big stage, and giving up 5 hits in the 9th to lose the World Series


Eddie just came in to pitch the top half of the 9th and set the correct down 1,2,3

"Rivera has been in more big game situations as a pitcher then any other active pitcher in baseball."

Greg Maddux

Roger Clemens

John Smoltz

Mariano Rivera has "messed up" twice in the playoffs since 1995. He gets the job done when it matters.

Games: 61

ERA: 0.75

W-L: 7-1

Saves: 30

Inn: 96.0

Hits Allowed: 60

Earned Runs: 8

Walks: 12

Strikouts: 77

Rivera also has as many World Series rings as Maddux, Clemens, and Smoltz, combined. He's appeared in more playoff games then both of them, too.


I don't even remember typing that :)

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mabye its because hes canadian