Please hate Eddie Bravo

I train JJ for self defense. If you think the rubber guard is worthless than I guess you have never tried it. I mean really tried it. Ive not even scratched the surface of the RG. I did just recently start landing the locoplta which is alot less risky in a real fight than totally giving up mount for an armbar. But please HATE BRAVO! Just like people hate Rickson,Royce,Chevy Chase, and Jesus. I will reap the benefits while the haters keep testing their chins with double wrist control. Respectfully Fred I mean John Candy

Cocaine is a helluva drug.

"Just like people hate Rickson,Royce,Chevy Chase, and Jesus"

I know you're joking, but people don't hate Jesus. Pretty much every worthwhile human being thinks Jesus is cool. Warmongers who justify war in his name (and to a lesser extent arrogant, self-absorbed individuals who insist he's interested in their performance in violent sporting events) however are widely hated, for reasons that should be fucking obvious to any rational human being over the mental age of 3.


Good point on Jesus. Its just funny to me. How people react when someone brings something new. I saw alot of spinning backfists miss. But when Shonie landed his it was proof that it was worth learning.

I never thought it was possible to put Royce, Rickson, Chevy Chase and Jesus all together in one sentence and it make sense.

So far I'm correct.

some say it is so. no such thing as bad publicity

No need to hate a guy for trying to make a buck. Just like there's no need to idolize a guy for publishing material that already existed.

Take it for what it is. Eddie's books are a good resource, I buy and read them. But I also recognize that he only actually discovered (not invented but discovered) a relatively small percentage of the moves and subs that he gives cool names to.

But it's all good. Gives us all something to argue about.

Eddie Bravo isn't shy about claiming to have invented this thread.

please don't hate me :)

"I hate Jesus "


awww the EMO kid needs attention.

"Cocaine is a helluva drug."

heh heh

Is Chevy Chase a BJJ player?

sorry, NO.


Awesome thread title.

Retarded thread.

I actually hate Jesus, but love Chevy Chase.

Jesus sucker punched me when I was younger trying to get a little extra money for school by working in the tobacco fields. He was the meanest Mexican I've ever met. The guy who owned the land fired him a few days later, though.

Chevy Chase is pretty funny. You can't deny it. All of you Chevy Chase haters must not have seen Fletch.

Why would anyone hate Chevy Chase... Fletch, Fletch Lives, Cady Shack, Funny Farm, The National Lampoon series. Talk about unappreciative people, you just better hope he doesn't get into MMA.

i also hate jesus

who needs the lightbulb, ive got matches....FLAMERS

Wait... Chevy Chase does BJJ???!?!??!?!