Please help me compete in 2014!!!

Please follow that link and LIKE Aaron Brook's comment.

If you guys could just go to the above link and like my comment I would sincerely appreciate it. It will take less than 30 seconds of your time.

Let me explain further, folks: I have been an avid competitor and student in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past 4 years (3 stripe blue belt under Carlson Gracie JR.)

If I win this contest I will have 10 entry fees paid for 2014 (Close to a grand). It's my ultimate goal to fly out to California and compete for a world championship.

Thank you guys so much for your help! This forum has been a huge part in my journey. I began reading before I even started training and a lot of your stories pushed me to begin training!

TTT and for later Phone Post 3.0

hmmmm 1 post, i'm all for the forum community helping people out and in the scheme of things "liking" something on facebook is not a huge deal, and competing is cool. But seems pretty lame to me to be a pretty much non contributor to the forums and then make a post asking for people to help you with shit.

Wtf do i know though. Perhaps I'm just being a cranky old man.

I won't argue with that. I mostly like to sit back and let the more experienced guys talk. Maybe I should start contributing more!

Get a job. Get paid. Problem solved. Phone Post 3.0

I have two of them, thanks though! I will take the chance to also win a contest that allows me to compete 10 times for free though. :)

no doubt.

the guy competes in a sport you guys claim to love. help the brother out. the fact that he's not up our ass on the atama forum shouldn't matter.

"Fuck this guy, he doesn't type enough for me to support him. Maybe if he spent a little more time typing instead of training!"

it's a log in and a click.

Bunch of fuckin assholes in here. Help the kid out Phone Post 3.0

Easters - Bunch of fuckin assholes in here. Help the kid out Phone Post 3.0
Or don't, but no need to tell him to get a job Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the support guys. It really does mean a lot to me!

Good luck buddy..glad to see the enthusiasm to compete....ignore the dickheads...

TTT for Aaron! He's a tough competitor and good training partner. Phone Post 3.0

We should support and build up our BJJ community Phone Post 3.0

You guys are great!! Big thanks to the Beard of Zeus too!!!! (poster 'porra')

Jitz93 - We should support and build up our BJJ community Phone Post 3.0

You're right. Apologies to OP. Sometimes I get pissed off by the amount of threads on the OG "help my niece win this beauty contest!" "vote for my wife on facebook" and all this crap. But this is the BJJ forum so there was no reason to be pissy towards you.

You are the man groundfighter2000! Phone Post 3.0

this is actually a pretty great contest theyre running