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Hey guys, I can't log into my account on my computer because my account gets locked every time I try to, so I won't be able to post many links. If you want to validate my story, just go to google and type in "jimmy johns driver gets hit by 18 wheeler" and it should be the first thing that pops up. Second time typing all of this too. Hopefully it works this time lol.
FRAT btw.

Okay so, I work at jimmy johns and my girlfriend is the manager at one of the downtown locations. If you know anything about delivery drivers in downtown areas, you know they're all bicycle riders. Well on Monday, one of her drivers, Jimmy, got hit and run over by an 18 wheeler. He's gone through four surgeries so far. He broke both of his hips and had internal bleeding in his spleen. They're talking about doing hip replacements and there's no doubt in my mind that he's going to have to relearn how to walk. They just transferred him to a new room today, but thankfully he's out of ICU.

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Well a nice man named Bernie, owner of Trinity Bicycles, set up a gofundme account for Jimmy. Not just for Jimmy, but for all cyclists that get hit by vehicles. (We've had three in the past two weeks, but this is by far the worst.) If you want to help out, I will post the link for you guys. Their goal is 100,000, and I know we probably won't hit that much just by me posting on a forum, but anything you guys can donate would help tremendously. Even if you aren't able to donate, just sharing the gofundme account and maybe a link to the story on your Facebook or something would help out more than I can express. Here is the link:

I know the OG is pretty brutal for the most part, but when it matters most and things get serious, there's no other group of people id want to turn to than my OG bros. Please help our buddy. Anything and everything you guys do to help out will be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys so much and have a good day. :) Phone Post 3.0


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