Please help- quick, easy question about using Mac

hey guys.

so I bought my first Mac today...gonna be a chore learning it.
Im like the "old guy" that cant figure out the remote, lol.

So00 I cant "right click and copy" pics, links, etc.

How the fuck do I copy and paste something???

thank you

Same commands, apple key instead of control key
apple-c apple-v etc

Also, replace the mac mouse with a pc one.

trackball, etc

BarkLikeADog - Also, replace the mac mouse with a pc one.

seriously- can you really do that?

or are ya trolling me?

If you have a 2 button mouse with left/right click function, and it's not such an old mouse that it was made only for PCs, then it should work by just plugging into the Mac. No harm in just trying it.

Yes, all USB mice work just fine including the right button. Old school mini-DIN PS/2 port, not so much.

Open System Preferences

Select Mouse

Check Secondary Click

Imagine the money jammed up your ass was lubed and RELAX. You'll figure it out. Phone Post 3.0

Two fingers on trackpad brings up menu but Command-C and Command-V work also.


Most pc things work with macs. Same hardware you see. Intel mobo and processor. You can pretty much use any peripherals that would work with pc.

If your windows command is ctrl-c then your Mac is cmd c. Phone Post 3.0