Please help

I thought I would be the last person to ever start a thread for a gofundme account, but I have seen the power of the UG/OG.

I have been here since 1999 under the name GT99 and a few old timers know me.

I am posting this on behalf of an ex girlfriend I am friends with still after more than 20 years, her daughter is an incredible person who is battling cancer a thrird time, yet remains positive and tries to help other younger kids who are dealing with it as well.

She is a girl who only gives and asks nothing in return, Id like to see her get her wish.

Understand if you cant donate or dont want to, but thank you in advance if you do. Phone Post 3.0

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From the link

Kay-Lynn is 18 years old, She is an amazing young lady that has being battling a brain tumor for the third time since she has been a little girl. When Kay-Lynn was 5 years old she was diagnosed with a not so common child hood brain tumor (epemdymoma), just before her 7th birthday we got that devastating news that her tumor had started to re-grow. With surgerys & radiation, Kay-Lynn was cancer free for 10 years. December 2014 is when we found out she was battling cancer again for the third Time. She has underwent 8 weeks of radiation and has just started chemo-therapy. Kay-Lynn is so caring, she has started a group on Facebook called "Kay-Lynn's Smile" collecting new teddy bears and blankets to personally hand to children battling cancer in sick kids. She remembers what it was like being a child so small battling that and she wants those children to feel what she felt when someone gave her a teddy and blanket. Kay-Lynn's only wish is to go to Disney World with her family. If you could be so kind to donate towards her trip it would be more than appreciated. Even $5 helps! Please help Kay-Lynn make her wish come true!! Thankyou very much for taking the time to read Kay-Lynn's journey. Phone Post 3.0

Done. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the bump and copy paste brother, this not my style so new to this, but really want to do what I can to help this awesome girl. She is a selfless fighter and id turn my man card over to her because she is stronger than me.

Even if you guys cant donate, please share or even if the go fund me thing has comments, leave one and let her know the MMA community is behind her, sometimes words can mean so much, she has an aaesome smile so lets make it bigger Phone Post 3.0

I hope people donate and she gets better. Phone Post 3.0

Donated. Hope she gets that trip. :-) Phone Post 3.0

Awesome, thank you my friend, the OG still has those with hearts, even if half the time we are filled with sarcasm and trolling for entertainment.

Again im doing this for an old friend, her daughter is a fighter, been in the military and was a part of a team with some well known UFC fighters, but never had to fight like this girl has and if I was able to, no way Id be as positive, much respect to her.

Facebook page is posted as well if you want to check it out and see the champ you are donating too Phone Post 3.0

Thank you reagan123 and cotton, sorry im on my phone so its not updating fast enough

Much appreciated Phone Post 3.0


Need to get this blue name back for the vote ups, thank you.

Fuck vote ups, ever in the Toronto area message me and drinks on me. Or whatever you need to know for hookups here Phone Post 3.0

Ha love the comments with the OG/mma support thank you guys Phone Post 3.0

Nice work OP for getting the word out.
Im gonna do my best to donate. VU everyone Phone Post 3.0

Even a share is awesome, thank you, I know not everyone can donate but even well wishes or prayers count, lets make this girl really smile

Every good deed counts, even support her on facebook, she really deseves the positive vibes Phone Post 3.0

In. Ttt. Phone Post 3.0

Thank you sir, I have no real connection to kay-lynn other than i dated her mom a million years ago, but we still talk and cant help but feel for her girl, Tanya is an amazing person and she raised an amazing girl.

Those who donated thank you, again they live in small town woodstock and im i the city, but no lie anyone of you ever comes to the GTA (toronto area) drinks on me. Love the OG for the support even when yall try and pretend you dont have a heart Phone Post 3.0

Altofsky - In. Ttt. Phone Post 3.0
Pretty cool you are "in" really want a custom made chef knife lol but thats another topic Phone Post 3.0

Wish I could bro. My sister is going through the same thing. We are getting it done one way or the other & I hope your GF's daughter gets help as well. Good thoughts going your way, though.

NiteProwleR - Wish I could bro. My sister is going through the same thing. We are getting it done one way or the other & I hope your GF's daughter gets help as well. Good thoughts going your way, though.
No worries my friend, hope your sister kicks ass and beats that mother fucker, anyone who deals with that shit gets my respect, you think your tough till something like that happens to someone you care for.

I have no ties as its an ex yet a friend, I want her girl to get her wish, she is a trooper, 18 and thinks about others more than herself, she has a 3rd bout yet wants to get people to donate blankets and teddy bears to others younger

Im obviously older but at that age my biggest problem was keeping my penis in my pants and getting someone to buy me booze to party, kinda hits reality, so young and so selfless, she is a better person than I was and sgit hapoens to the best people it seems Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0